Thursday, September 17, 2009

Criminal Intent - What Would Happen (Video)

Happy Birthday Susan!
So what would happen..........? (I'm closing my ears now!)
I hope you get Everything you want (and can't you just hear him saying "everything" just like in Lady's Man?)

As we wait for news of Season 9, I'd just like to say that much as I try to separate the actor from the role, Robert Goren would not exist without the brilliance of Vincent D'Onofrio. He is why I watch Criminal Intent. I await each offering, wondering what he will bring to it next. A chameleon playing a chameleon.

In this video I tried to choose non-speaking clips.... Because he speaks without words.

P.S. You can take the "yearning" part any way you want! (the yearning clip is in there!)

Thanks to my fellow cimusers for suggesting additional clips! I already *knew* what you liked Susan!

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What Would Happen Lyrics - Meredith Brooks

Electricity, eye to eye
Hey don't I know you
I can't speak
Stripped my senses
On the spot
I've never been defenseless
I can't even make sense of this
You speak and I don't hear a word

What would happen if we kissed
Would your tongue slip past my lips
Would you run away, would you stay
Or would I melt into you
Mouth to mouth, lust to lust
Spontaneously combust

The room is spinning out of control
Act like you didn't notice
Brushed my hand

Forbidden fruit
Ring on my finger
You're such a moral, moral man
You throw it away, no question
Will I pretend I'm innocent


I struggle with myself again
Quickly the walls are crumbling
Don't know if I can turn away



  1. Oh dear...what a beautiful video. Susan you have a wonderful friend...dear, and I hope it's okay that I also yearn.

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday. What a birthday present... love the video - you captured him so well, Suzanne!

  3. You know how much I love this vid, Suzanne! I just wanted to put my gratitude officially on your blog!

    Havers - Suzanne is a wonderful friend...oh and please, go right ahead and yearn.

    Thank you Tjara.

  4. Still lovin' this so! Gets me through some tough times! Thank you!



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