Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ships in the Night

So, no, this isn't a Criminal Intent post, but I had to share this vid with anyone and everyone I know in my "fun" life.

The amazing TatyanaOracle created this vid for me as a Christmas present. Tatyana is amazing, her talent is amazing and this video is amazing.   Every time I watch it, I see something new, both content-wise and technically. (It took me many viewings to see Erica ghost into view at :49-:51).
If you don't subscribe to Tatyana on YouTube, you should! You'll never be bored as she vids almost anything you'd imagine - except vampires. She has this vampire thing..... vbg.

I really enjoyed this series - the characters are what kept me coming back every week. Jack and Erica were sometimes like oil and water, but had the same moral center which bonded them.  He never lost his focus or moral compass and his purpose was to center her when she was pulled in every direction imaginable. I think I was also charmed that this was filmed in Vancouver and I love spotting landmarks.

And did I mention this was an amazing vid?  Tatyana has shown all the things mentioned in the last paragraph and more.  It is a wonderful gift that I enjoy almost daily!

If you're receiving this as an email update, click on the title and view the video on the web.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Criminal Intent (Vidlet) - My Skin

Another finished challenge for TVRealm.  One of the (hopefully) ten vidlets.
I'm pretty pleased with this.  Far more shippy than intended.

The music is amazing: Natalie Merchant - My Skin
I hope someone likes it!!

TVRealm Challenge - My Awards

Well normally I wouldn't take the time to do this, but I'm part of a *team*, so I strained my brain and came up with these categories and nominees for the
Mine, All Mine Awards.

The most heartwrenching moment for me would be a tie between Goren and Hotch.  Holy smokes, those were amazing scenes.

And the Up-Do Award.  Well that's a Penelope Garcia slam-dunk.
Amuse yourself!  I did!





Monday, January 2, 2012

Criminal Intent Vidlet - Robert Goren's Quirk/Habit

This is again for the TV Realm Challenge on LiveJournal.
We had to use someone doing something. Goren is my "someone" and since he often crosses his arms.....

The music is Orinoco Flow from Celtic Woman.

I hope you enjoy this tiny vid!

An Excuse to Play With Criminal Intent

If you read my Human Target Blog or follow my LiveJournal, you'll know that I've joined this round of the TV Realm Challenge.  I really wasn't sure about this, but thanks to the support of havers (havers on LJ and Blog Mom of Lovely Kathryn) I'm having a blast!

Because I love making fanvids so much, I'm trying to do them for as many challenges as I can.

My first chance for vidding was the Bingo Challenge:

Each participant had to choose a row and a column or a diagonal... you know, Bingo.
So I chose the column starting with The End and the row starting with Memories. Don't ask about the abbreviations. I just don't even want to know!

Vids have to be over 10 seconds. Not a problem. Making them shorter is a problem. I hate cutting up the music.

The End had to be Criminal Intent, from the last scene in the series and it got long enough that it went on its own.

So far, along with The End, I've done Just Kiss The Girl (twice, once for the column and once for the row), Bliss, Shine and Dress Up. Human Target is in Just Kiss the Girl and Dress Up.

You give the Bliss prompt to a V (2009) fan and there is only one thing you can do with it...  You'll find Eames and Goren show up in Dress Up - and Eames is wearing the dress that havers now owns - how cool is that?
Enjoy! (only 4 more to go....  only....)