Friday, April 9, 2010

Criminal Intent - Loyalty (video)

Very short, very poignant, probably the best I've ever made.

For all the loyal fans who mourn the loss of Goren and Eames. But in particular, to the CI Binder Project Crew. Thank you so much.

Music: The Music Box - found by fluke on the web..... I have no other info.

If you are receiving this as an email update, please click on the title and view the vid on the blog.


  1. Beautiful, just beautiful. Thank you for doing this, as my recording stopped before That Kiss.

  2. Beautiful... and you know where I think it should be included ;-)

  3. You know how much I love that video.

  4. I posted yesterday but it still isn't up so I'll try again. This is so beautiful, I cried the first time I played it and it still makes me cry after about the 10th time Bobby's smile in the airplane hangar is so cute.. i love both their characters. I know they are not real life, but they sure seem like it. I will miss them so much. They are together now, aren't they?


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