Friday, July 30, 2010

Goren & Eames and Elevators

So what is it about these two and elevators? They seem to have some of their most interestingly intense and emotional interactions near elevators.

In early years, an elevator provided us with a light quirky Goren moment in Great Barrier. Whoa! He almost touches her. What’s with *that*? He shows a little attack of claustrophobia - as if he doesn’t travel up and down the elevator at 1PP many times a day….

Much later in Season 6, the elevator becomes a place where Goren and Eames actually interact with one another on an emotional level, first in The War at Home. It’s hard to forget the stress of the situation immediately after Goren’s famous frustrated desk-sweep. Eames has finally lost patience with him. She’s been trying express her concern and awareness that he is torn between duty to his mother and duty to his job. After he tells her to “back off” he actually guiltily lifts his eyes enough to see her reaction.

Initially, I thought she looked really pissed at him, but I think it’s not anger she’s showing.

At the end of Season 6 in Endgame, we have another tense elevator scene. Goren is off to see serial killer Mark Ford Brady. And he’s not taking Eames. Here too, she knows he is stressed and follows him to the elevator to confront him. He doesn’t want her there and leaves an uncharacteristically visibly-emotional Eames outside the elevator once again. Love the little look he gives her just as he enters the elevator. There are not very many scenes over the eight years (plus 2 episodes) where these two interact at this level. But again, here they are outside the elevator.

At the end of Season 7 in Frame, we have a simply wonderful scene inside the elevator. The tiny Eames and the big slumping bear of a Goren; what a brilliant picture. A picture that paints a million words. Her concern, his grief. It’s all there and they really don’t have to say a word.

So I wonder what transpired in their very last elevator ride together as Major Case partners?

That made me remember that my friend havers wrote a very sweet 100 word Drabble which takes place just after the screen fades to black in the very last scene in Loyalty. It’s called Together and beautifully features THE ELEVATOR. You can read it here!

And in case you'd like to see a synopsis of these scenes in video format...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

After All

These days I'm more than likely to let any anniversary or special date zoom past me, but hopefully that will change soon.

This one didn't slip by unnoticed. After All has passed 20,000 viewings. Wow! Thanks to everyone who has watched it and loved it enough to watch it again. I remember two years ago standing stock still and listening to Cher and Peter Cetera and thinking, wow, this is Goren and Eames; still together after all the crap that's been thrown at them.
And in my little shipper heart, in spite of what transpired in Loyalty, I hope they are still together somewhere. After all.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

She Was Convinced She Had His Complete Attention

Ever danced with someone who wasn't all "there" with you?

Check out Robert Goren as he dances with these ladies in two different episodes. They are certain they have his full attention. But who is it that he swivels his head for three times? Eames, of course. The devilish look before he twirls Margie in Pas de Deux happens near the start of the clip, but I had to leave it running because.... well, because.

There is no sound to distract you!

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This post was inspired by Chapter 12 of this fan fiction.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Amends - An Observation

My friend havers refreshed my memory today. She had just noticed that Manny Beltran, the man who had murdered Eames' husband was the doctor who attended Kevin Quinn when he was brought into Emergency at the beginning of the show.

It's hard to catch these details when you've only seen this episode once or twice. We're so caught up in an Eames-focused emotionally-charged episode, that we forget to watch for those juicy gifts given by good writers.

I got to thinking about the episode aside from the Eames factor and realized that Joe Dutton's murder was the "gift" that kept on giving. Manny Beltran murdered Joe Dutton nine years before this episode takes place and in this episode Manny Beltran, now a doctor, attempts to save the life of Joe's then-partner, Kevin Quinn. A nice twist.

At the end when finally cornered, Beltran explains to Goren and Eames he's tried to make amends by becoming a doctor, by saving hundreds of lives. Eames replies "It doesn't make up for the one you took away."

Although Manny Beltran may have only pulled the trigger and killed one man, he is ultimately responsible for Kevin Quinn's death and the death of his own cousin, Alfred Minaya.

If Beltran had turned himself in at the time, they would not have imprisioned the wrong man for Joe Dutton's murder (Ray Delgado is also a victim here), thus sending Ray's son on killing spree to avenge his father's imprisonment.

Victor Delgado may also be a victim. Except now he's a murderer, too. And his father will be set free.

This episode was written by Warren Leight and Siobhan Byrne O'Connor.