Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A year later....

Today marks one year since I uploaded Walk 500 Miles. I had so much fun making this video. It took an enormous amount of time to put together and had many setbacks in the process, but I was determined to make it. I have to thank Magra forever! for her help and support in those early days!

I was trying to get a video made for today, but alas, life got in the way, as it so often does.

Thanks to everyone who has watched and commented on my vids. They are labours of love as all the other vid-makers know. You have to adore the subject to spend this much time on them. I find it hard to believe that 4 of the 15 videos have over 4000 viewings. After All is close to 5000! It’s very cool when other people enjoy something you make.

I am so lucky to have made some wonderful online friends with, ahem, similar interests, in this last year. Let’s hope we can share that interest for many more seasons!

In case you’d forgotten it, here is Walk 500 Miles.
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Monday, July 13, 2009

Declan's Touch

In spite of what has happened with Declan Gage, I like him.

I asked my friends if they thought Bobby ever went to see Declan in prison. I think we're all unsure! Has he been able to forgive Declan in light of his "blown frontal lobe"? or is it just too darn painful for him to visit?

And that makes me wonder how Declan's medical condition is. Has he declined to the point where he doesn't even recognize Bobby? Since Declan is a father figure to Bobby, is Bobby inclined to be Declan's caretaker as he was to Frances?

So many unanswered questions!

And why do I like Declan when he turned into such a monster?

Bobby was the son Declan never had and his star pupil and Declan was a father figure and mentor to Bobby. Both got something very important out of the relationship. I'm positive Declan shared more with Bobby than anyone else - as much as he was capable of sharing. The two men were on the same wavelength, way ahead of everyone else in the room, making giant mental leaps in multiple directions. And Declan was FUNNY. If Frame wasn't so tragic, you could see that. But no one was laughing during Frame.

I always stand up for Declan because I can never forget their embrace in Blind Spot and the lovely relaxed happiness on their faces. Bobby fleetingly closes his eyes as they hug. There are two men who really cared about each other, although Bobby wasn't too keen on the pat on the face in front of everyone!!! lol! too cute.
The touch on the face happens again in the last few seconds of the last scene with Declan in Frame - and that touch just stirs me - Bobby sees the touch coming and does nothing to avoid it. His initial instinct is still to trust Declan and accept the caring touch. But as soon as Declan's fingers touch Bobby's face, his poor numb brain registers the horror and betrayal and he pulls away. It wrings my heart. It wrings all our hearts.

Here is our first meeting with Declan. And our last. World's apart. No sound.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009


She's such a beauty! I have 2 favourite clips of Alex Eames which I like to use in my vids and now, thanks to Lady's Man, I can add a new one to my collection. In each one of these clips, her head is tilted to the left, so her hair swings out of the way and the lighting shows her eyes and face shape perfectly.

Do you know which episodes these are from? Who is she talking to in each clip? Hard to believe who the first one is....

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Here are the 3 clips without sound so you can enjoy her without distraction!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Criminal Intent 2009 Music Video Awards Voting

Some very sweet viewers have nominated my vids for the Law & Order Criminal Intent Music Video Awards in the following categories with the following vids.

  • Best Goren video – Hallelujah
  • Best Eames video – Too Pretty
  • Best Goren and Eames video – Hot N Cold, My Life
  • Best Criminal Intent video – My Life
  • Best Editing – Hot N Cold, Perfect, Somewhere, Speeding Cars
  • Best Song – After All, Hot N Cold, Save You
  • Best Episode centered – Somewhere
  • Video Maker of the Year

And now it's time to vote. But more importantly, the fine vid-makers who have created the awards have assembled the wonderful nominated vids (including mine) so you can see them all from one place.

See them here. If you wish to vote, instructions are at the bottom of that page.

Happy viewing!

P.S. If the prize is Robert Goren, then it's every vid-maker for themself!!!! My elbows are sharp, so stay outta my way!!

P.S.S. They are in the process of changing their links for those Imeem vids that were deleted (Save You and Perfect). You can see those with the links in the right-hand column.

Nothing stays the same....

I've had a number of my vids hosted on Imeem. As of today Imeem removed all non-advertiser paid videos and photos, so if you've had my page bookmarked.... Well it's not very interesting anymore.

Perfect and Save You have been repositioned on the web, but you'll still find them easily by clicking on them in the right-hand column.

After successfully disputing After All to YouTube, suddenly they have blocked it in some countries. It's still on YouTube but not accessible to some. I will soon make an alternate place to view that, too.

Please let me know if you can't view Sharp Dressed Man, Perfect or Save You!
Happy viewing!