Friday, October 8, 2010

Kathryn said Yes!

I'm borrowing from my friends for this blogpost.  The title is the same one havers used and says it all!  The content is from Susan, our Binder Administrator and Courier.  I couldn't have said it as well.  Thanks Susan!

Kathryn Erbe is coming back!!

It’s being reported everywhere! Kathyrn is coming back!

According to Deadline Hollywood :

“We’re thrilled to have Kathryn Erbe return as Detective Eames, the perfect complement to Donofrio’s Detective Goren,” said USA's president of original programming Jeff Wachtel. “We now have the definitive team for the ultimate season of this phenomenal show.”

You aren’t as thrilled as we are, Jeff!!! Kathryn’s decision to return has turned our fervent hope into reality! And we are so grateful to her for choosing to re-join the cast!!

So party on fellow fans! Our team is back! And as we all know:

Mission Accomplished!!!!
Photo by Carmine Civitelli, 2006
 And we're feeling as happy as you look Kathryn!!! Even happier!!