Monday, June 28, 2010

The Filled Binders!

Here is a slide show of the completed binders from the Criminal Intent Binder Project showing the binder inclusions and many of the decorated page contributions we received. A huge thanks to Susan, our Administrative Anchor, for not only receiving the pages at the post office, but purchasing the fun accessories, assembling the binders, contacting the agencies and shipping (or delivering in person!). We can never thank you enough! (When I list those off, it makes me wonder what I did to contribute!!!)

And a huge thanks to all the contributors for making this project the success it was. Pretty cool, huh?

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Avatar or Icon

So if you hang around on the internet very long, you’ll find there are things called Avatars and Icons. I was never sure what the difference was. Live Journal members are fond of making Icons and I thought I’d try my hand at it. With my new computer I have all my CI stuff in one place, so suddenly, it’s become a lot easier to crop and post on a whim in only a few minutes.

So, what is an avatar?
I found this acronym: Advanced Video Attribute Terminal Assembler and Recreator in my search. Wikipedia says: An avatar is a “computer user's representation of himself/herself or alter ego whether in the form of a three-dimensional model used in computer games, a two-dimensional icon”. Oh, look, there is that word icon again.

What is an icon?
When you look up icon, it opens a huge can of worms, but the most relevant definition I could find easily says “a computer icon (or simply an icon) is a small pictogram. A computer icon usually ranges from 16 by 16 pixels up to 128 by 128 pixels.” This doesn’t quite sound like what my friends are creating…. But really, who cares. What they’re doing on Live Journal are episode photos which have been cropped and reduced to 100x100pixels and are no more than 30kb. Some are “enhanced” and have text added. Many are very clever.

My inspiration comes from my friends havers and tjara. Click on their names and you can see some of their very fun blog posts featuring icons.

Here is a favourite of mine made by havers!
(It cracks me up every time I see it!)
I adore this one from tjara. It's the "unexpected" aspect that I love.

When I realized that I “needed” an avatar when I hung out on forums, I chose my favourite promotional CI photo and popped the Dasani water bottle in behind them. It was just after Purgatory aired…. I think she handed the water to him that day.

And for my first adventure into icons, I have created three of Eames. I really don’t know... I realize they’re boring, but I like my Goren and Eames in their true colours. Maybe one day I’ll go wild; make some icons with captions and play with the colour. But for right now, this is as good as it gets! Okay, now what do I do with these things????

Can you name the episodes these come from? (Hint: I have a blog post on Eames which have the three video clips these icons came from)

And then, because it was still in Photoshop....

You're Mine


Monday, June 21, 2010

Robert Goren's Home

We see Robert Goren's home in a scant few episodes: Amends, Frame, Faithfully and Loyalty. We know from Faithfully that his address is
210 Mather Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY 11222

For some reason, I thought he'd moved somewhere along the way, but when putting together this mini-vid, I had to re-assess that. All scenes show the same home. The biggest difference that I noticed was the floor. And perhaps the cupboards are darker later. An eagle-eyed Susan noticed the 2 cups and bowls in Faithfully. Has he "got someone"? or does he have a higher threshold for putting his dishes away? How about that nice harvest gold stove.....?

Here, for your amusment, are most of the scenes in Robert Goren's place. There is no sound to distract you. Once you've seen it, try answering these questions. (Don't expect me to have the answers!)

  • Is this a house or an apartment?
  • Does he own the place?
  • Do you see any discontinuities?
  • What stands out most to you? (about the surroundings, not the characters - stop watching them!)
  • What do you suppose is on his fridge?
  • Where is the rest of the house????

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Comprehensively Updated and Enlarged

Would Goren do it any other way than Complete? .....Since when did he start playing bridge??

I found this little gem (actually, it's a BIG book) while cleaning out my parent's home. You just never know what you'll come across....