Friday, June 24, 2011

Last Tweets During the Last Episode this Sunday


Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe will be tweeting and chatting LIVE during the East AND West Coast airings of Law & Order: CI!

Chat with Kathryn at 9 PM EST
and with
 Vincent at 9 PM PST!
They'll be taking questions from the Law & Order: CI feed, so make sure you’re following us! Tag your questions with #LOCIfinale -- see you then!

Let's Fight!

Over on the Saving Goren and Eames Now Blog, Susan posted a list of opportunies to express to the Powers That Be that we would like more Goren and Eames!  The writing this season has been wonderful and the actors are reflecting that in their performances.  The whole atmosphere has changed.

Newcomers to the series should enjoy it at its face value, but long-time fans will enjoy it for the subtle references to past years.
Please take a moment to check this out and write a few emails.  We succeeded once, we can make it happen again!

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" Comes to an End

Here is a wonderfully accurate summary of Criminal Intent found in BeyondChron.  Sunday is the last episode....

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" Comes to an End
by E. "Doc" Smith‚ Jun. 24‚ 20

One of the most popular and my personal favorite of the entire "Law & Order" television franchise, "Criminal Intent" comes to a close this Sunday night after a 10 year run; 7 years on NBC and 3 years on the USA network. Starring the incredible Vincent D'Onofrio as the complex Detective Robert "Bobby" Goren and his partner, Detective Alexandra Eames, portrayed by the equally talented Kathryn Erbe, "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" chronicled the exploits of the NYPD's "Major Case Squad". Goren's skill as a brilliant criminal profiler, coupled with the snarky wit of Eames and a bevy of great guest stars, helped make the show one of the best police dramas ever written for television.

Fans of the show fell in love with Goren's idiosyncracies; the way he would bend his body and lean over suspects to interrogate them; his now legendary, long running battle with serial killer Nicole Wallace, played by Olivia D'Abo; his affection for his mom, wonderfully played by Rita Moreno and the discovery that serial killer William Brady, portrayed by actor Roy Scheider in one of his final performances. D'Onofrio and Erbe's performances throughout these personal story-lines took the series into territories not usually seen on the original Law & Order' or in the other spin-offs like. "Special Victims Unit", "LA", "Trial By Jury" and even "Law & Order: UK". Criminal Intent's popularity would also spawn an international version of the series in France, known as "Criminal Investigations", ('Paris enquĂȘtes criminelles").

Goren's relationship with his partner Eames is also one of the best on television, well written and handled with care. Their affection for one another is evident, and the way the writers of the show have forged their friendship through the fire of their cases is remarkable.  Read the rest of the article here.  Well worth the time!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Johnny Eames & Daughter

This scene from Last Street in Manhattan S10E4 completely blindsided me! I had this preconceived notion that Eames was a Daddy’s girl and their relationship was a doting father to his spunky daughter. Of course it might have been that way in the past, but not now.

No wonder Eames is so walled in. I question if she’s ever had any warmth from this father especially when sober. There were no touches, no words of affection. She snarks and he doesn’t notice or chooses not to notice. She might even be holding back... When I see this it explains why she has almost never touched Goren in their 11 or 12 years as partners (just check the Bump/Touch list!). There are certainly no ODAs (Open Display of Affection) from this woman. I’m starting to think that it’s not just Goren who has survived a difficult upbringing.

We know Eames mother had a stroke, but we don’t know if she passed away or is in a home. Whichever, Johnny Eames is not doing well, unless you regard sitting in his chair drinking and smoking all day a good quality of life. It looks like Alex doesn’t think so – she caps his whiskey bottle and empties his ashtray with a stony expression. I wonder how many times a week she does this? Her demeanor is not that of a child that’s happy to drop in on her parent with a smile and easy conversation. Is she just uncomfortable because Goren is there? I think not.

I found it interesting that Alex emphasizes her father's bigotry in front of Goren. We all know Goren is getting tons of information about them both without Alex speaking a word. He watches her fuss around with interest, perhaps even surprise. He appears comfortable in Johnny Eames' home, he may have been there before, but he still refers to him as Mr. Eames.

Do you think Alex was appalled that her Dad equated Bobby with Driscoll in such an insulting way?
“He’s a monster.”
“But smarter than he looks.” (from Goren)
“Just like you Bobby”
OMG! I think I would have shot my Dad!!! Alex tells her Dad to eat his sandwich…. (and shut up, would be the subtext)

Do you think it’s the booze talking when Mr. Eames complains about no grandchildren? He seems to have pretty selective memories concerning a certain surrogate pregnancy. That was a horribly cheap shot on his part. Does the lack of grandchildren from Alex reflect on him or does he feel that Alex isn’t complete without children?
Now normally Goren and Eames would exchange glances after a comment like that from a suspect, but Goren looks down before that can happen. And it looks like she isn't going to do the eye contact thing anyway.

The best part of this scene was after they left. It was wonderful to see Goren put his own sad history behind  to make such a sweet comment praising, supporting and encouraging her with a simple, “It’s good he has you”.
It’s a personal comment so out of the norm for these two that she brushes it off with “Yeah, whatever”. Do you think she realizes how significant his words are? Perhaps not at that moment.
Goren is not the only person with a difficult parent relationship. Maybe he’s taking the opportunity to return some of the quiet non-judgmental support she always provided for him. Good on him! He’s come a long way.