Sunday, September 26, 2010

Eames vs Callas?

Now considering Kathryn Erbe has not announced she is returning to Criminal Intent, this is a bit premature.  But in spite of setting oneself up for disappointment, it's hard not to speculate on what could be in Season 10 of Criminal Intent.

So there is a new captain: Zoe Callas (I had to look this up as I haven't watched an episode since Goren and Eames left).  Obviously to get to this point Callas must be a strong woman.  As my friend Tjara pointed out, Callas has the job Eames should have had.  True.  True also that Eames turned it down. 

Now wouldn't it be interesting to have some roll reversal going on in Season 10?

In previous years it's been Goren butting heads with Ross - and Eames cutting through the crap (see this blog post for those antics).  But how about two strong women going head to head?  Will Goren be the one smoothing the waters?  The dynamics could be absolutely fascinating and add even more insight to the characters we already love!

Come on Kathryn!  Please announce your return to Criminal Intent!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vincent D'Onofrio returns to Criminal Intent

Well, whatever happened behind closed door, I won't complain!  Here is what is on USA Network's CI page today:

Criminal Intent is back! And so is everyone's favorite detective, Robert Goren! Vincent D'Onofrio, will return for the tenth and final season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Catch all-new episodes of Criminal Intent beginning in 2011. Until then, make sure to check back for more updates on the show and sign up for the official Criminal Intent Facebook page!

I really wasn't sure whether to believe it till I saw it here!  But now we need Eames.  We have to have Eames.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Piece of Cake

Happy Birthday Susan!

And this kind has no calories!!
Have a fabulous and aromatic day!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Left to Right

I have had a life-long love of Left-handed people.  I don't know. There is just something different about them. The ones I know in person have the greatest sense of humour. I usually notice Lefties instantly in real life. Maybe they have a determination about them that I like as they adapt to to the Rightie world. (Teaching calligraphy, I see my fair share. There were 3 in one class in Winnipeg last fall!)

It's a little harder when you're watching the tube, though.  I think it was years before I realized Oprah was a Leftie. In drama series, there are tons of Lefties.  I swear there is at least one per show.

The Lefties I know in real life are pretty ambidextrous. But Robert Goren isn't. I don't know whether it's because you see him writing a lot (and of course he carries his gun on the other hip) or just what, but Vincent D'Onofrio screams Leftie in almost every scene.

I love this scene in Cuba Libre.  Ever noticed the switch from his left hand to right so he can correctly demonstrate what probably happened during the crime?
(If you are receiving this as an email update, click on the title to view the video on the blog)

You can see a whole bunch of Vincent Leftie photos on my friend Tjara's blog.  She is a Leftie and notices these things (although my close Leftie friend never does!)

And while I was watching Cuba Libre, my eye caught something similar to what Tjara recently pointed out.  I think she posted this cutie photo of Eames from See Me somewhere.

And from Cuba Libre....Not quite as cute, but pretty good!