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V - Jack and Erica - Faithful (Video)

So I've strayed yet again. 

To enjoy this vid, Criminal Intent fans will have to get over that Joel Gretsch who plays Jack Landry also played the philandering obnoxious husband, Jason Raines, to Brooke Shield's character in Siren Call (S6E2) -- this character couldn't be more different and if you watch the V series, you forget him quickly. You may recall Jason Raines took a swing at Goren. lol! That didn't turn out so well....

If you are receiving this as an email update, please click on the title and view the vid on the web.  Kinda smug that I figured out a way to make the tears glint.

Jack Landry is faithful to God, to fighting the Visitors and to Erica Evans. Erica is faithful to her son Tyler, to fighting the Vs and ultimately to Jack.

Jack Landry is a fascinating character with a strong moral compass who speaks his mind. He is sensitive, caring and empathetic. He is the perfect feminine counterpart to Erica's masculine-tough, determined and in-control exterior. They are a wonderful pairing with a joint goal and enormously complimentary skills. He keeps her grounded, she pushes him to his moral limits and circumstances push him even beyond.

The Jack and Erica relationship is electric at times. There is a good reason Hobbes quips about The Thornbirds in the boxing scene. There exists a huge bond of trust between the priest and the FBI agent. They disagree -- Erica gets right in Jack's face numerous times - but they always come back to each other.

The biggest shake up to their relationship is after Joe dies and Tyler leaves. Erica becomes emotionally shut down to everything but anger and pushes Jack away. In her devastation and numbness Erica physically turns to Hobbes. Jack understands the kind of man Hobbes is and is crushed that Erica chooses Hobbes. After 12 years as a priest, he is poorly equipped to intervene on his own behalf. If Jack had shown up on Erica's doorstep instead of Hobbes that night or if he'd answered Erica's phone call, we'd have a different story. (Relax Jack, Erica called Hobbes the "break" she needed from real life, not exactly the basis for a deep lasting relationship.)

About the quote at the end: We'll leave it for Anna to figure out, since she's so hung up on finding the human soul....

As for Hobbes. Yes, he is a glorious hunk of masculinity. But he has an agenda, mixed loyalties and is basically responsible for Erica's ex-husband's death. He came as a paid mercenary and late to the party. Like Ryan, he was not up-front with his conflicting issues and betrayed Erica and Jack although at the end of Season 2 they are not aware of that yet. He also took advantage of Erica when she was vulnerable. He is not a good guy.

Thanks to my friend tjara for introducing me to this song. It is brilliant. It is so powerful and I thought it suited this pairing perfectly, although she is not a V fan so will not realize the gem she sent my way!

This vid is for my friend Susan E. -- a fellow V fan! -- who is having back surgery in a few days. I hope this takes her mind off it for approximately 4 minutes!

Faithful Lyrics
(as best tjara and I could figure out!) -- by Cherine Nouri

There´s a whisper in this place
Like a prayer
Something sacred something true
It´s happening here
We are being blessed

We are now the chosen ones
You and I
as a silver thread winds down
on the moonlight
Tying me to you

I will be the one you know
You will be the one to know me
This is love that´s born to be
Forever faithful

We have touched but never touched
Skin on skin
But I´m closer to you now
Than I´ve ever been
Ever in this love

I will be the one you love
You will be the one to know me
We will give the love to be
Forever faithful

Everyday to me is drowned to
The light that´s in your eyes


And you will be the one I love
The one I love
To know me yeah
And I promise you to be
Forever faithful

(You will be the one I love)

You will be the one to know me
And I promise you to be
Forever faithful

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When I Find My Brain, I'll Tell You.

Vincent D'Onofrio tweeted during both the eastern airing and westcoast airing of Criminal Intent this evening. And I got lucky (not as lucky as Outerbankschick!), had my question answered and had a good chuckle.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kathryn Erbe Interview

Thanks to havers for pointing this out to me. 
Kathryn/Eames fantasy was  to take down Nicole Wallace for Bobby!  Now how cute is *that*? It's almost worth having Nicole back for.....
The whole air around the show seems to be smoother, more relaxed than ever before - the interaction between the characters is completely in synch.  It's delightful.


Monday, May 9, 2011

The Consoler Screen Caps

Well I haven't even finished watching the episode yet and I'm having to grab caps as soon as I see them!
I haven't had a chance to analyse anything, but I sure like what I see!

When was the last time you saw Goren's arm on the back of Eames chair?  Like NEVER.

Can't you just hear Eames thinking, "Tell me I didn't just hear you call the boss a moron"

Followed by "Oh, man, don't alienate another boss - especially so soon....."  Eames is pretty nervous around the new captain later on when Goren slams the table.

Oh, loved this! Goren gestures to the guy to go through the door and then squeezes through at the same time.  So good to have you back Robert!

Now this is more like it!  Put your heads together and figure it out!

He certainly doesn't look triumphant about this one.  If Eames was in the room, she'd get "the look".

And about the psychiatrist - it was okay.  Vincent D'Onofrio was excellent creating a defensive uncertain Robert Goren.  Goren values his job enough to do what he's told. I'm not sure he'll ever "give anything up to her", but in talking and listening, it may soothe some of  his demons.  At some point Eames will be brought up.  Now that makes *me* uncomfortable for him!

As a vidder, I am completely over the moon with this episode.  There are loads of great clips!  This was an excellent episode.  Absolutely excellent!
Thank you!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Consoler

I haven't even completely digested Rispetto yet and there is a new episode next week!  Here is the trailer...
When you're used to Goren and Eames every other week (if we're lucky!) then this is overwhelming!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Goren & Eames ARE Criminal Intent!

Welcome back!

TONIGHT on Twitter, Vincent D'Onofrio will be taking over @USA_LawOrderCI to chat with fans during the EST airing! Tag tweets with #askvincent!

The first episode of Season 10 airs tonight on USA Network at 9 EST
Many of us will be waiting for, ahem, other resources to view this awesome event!