Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Criminal Intent - Great Companion (video)

"And some memories will never, ever fade..."
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"And our history will never be erased."
Robert Goren and Alex Eames, Bobby and Alex, however you know them, they were our great companions for most of the last 10 years.

This is a request for jclaymate123, who has since closed her YT account. If someone knows her, perhaps they can let her know this vid is here.

There are 49 episodes included here - hard to believe, eh?  I love how Season 10, after the Loyalty hug, is so bright!  That wasn't me doing that, it was the production and I though it created such a satisying ending during the instrumental "epilogue".  It's like they will go on and on forever.

There really was nothing new here, except a few kernals of expression that I might not have highlighted before. Sorry about that..... I decided to choose scenes, rather than orphan random clips for this. A 5 minute video was a huge challenge!  And yet it wasn't enough time.  I need to go back to the series DVDs and watch full episodes for real satisfaction!

I hope you enjoy Great Companion!
P.S.  Thanks to Susan for acquiring the acoustic version of Great Companion!