Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Logan Crossed Off - Redux

One can't ignore new found evidence relating to an old blog entry!

What does it say beside Logan's name on the whiteboard behind Ross?
When you watch it on an embarrassingly large TV in HD, the second word is island. The first word begins with S.

I'm guessing it says Staten Island!

And thar ya go!
But he's still crossed off.....

Monday, May 18, 2009

Musings on Faithfully

There are three mini-vids here showing scenes which attracted my attention on first viewing of Faithfully (Season 8 Episode 5). If you are receiving this as an email update, please click on the title to view the mini-vids on the blog.

1. The Handcuffs.
They had their plan of attack and were confidant that Alison was going to confess. Notice the handcuffs swinging from Eames hip!

2. The Handshake
Oh, this drove me crazy Yes, they shook hands, but it was more obligatory than heartfelt.

It's here twice, once with sound and once in slow motion, zoomed with no sound. Ross can't be bothered to look directly at Goren and you can see Goren's eyebrow raise in interest.

3. The Reunion

When Goren picks up Eames at the Staten Island Ferry terminal, why is he so awkward?! 'Cause she looks so cute in her short skirt? That he will have to explain why he is back so soon? That he wonders why she is on Staten Island looking so cute?

He really can't look her in the eye and she is so happy to see him looking well that she actually tells him that. He doesn't get back on keel until they start analysing the crime scene.

Was she was with family? a date? visiting Logan? lol! That didn't look like an overnight bag over her shoulder.**

And why did he come back so early? I think it was that he was completely out of his comfort zone in a normal family situation. He wasn't "needed" (although he desparately needed to see that side of life and family and know it was there for him). He wanted to be back in his comfort zone - back at work solving crimes with Eames.

**thanks to tjara for pointing out this information on the USA site which explains "Eames....returns from Staten Island and a complicated family dynamic". So we really don't have to torture ourselves over why she was on Staten Island!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Who's the Boss?

Well Eames, of course!!

Although it was never absolutely clear until Blind Spot, I knew I had heard reference to Eames being the senior partner very early on in the series. I finally found the episode today! It's in The Third Horseman.

Of course it's always hard to know if Goren is yanking someone's chain or if it's a truth..... so it really wasn't clear she was the senior partner. They were definitely playing Mr. Cutler, although Eames was not hiding her true feelings.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Light Bulb Moment

Sometimes when I'm working on a vid, I will come across a clip that sets off a light bulb in me.

But really, this is about a Robert Goren light bulb moment. They are a joy to see and we don't observe them so much any more. In the early years he was the Predator's Predator and showed it. He still hunts them, it's just different now.

I give you this example (with no sound), from Jones. Watch his hairline, then the growing "gotcha" look. It makes you want to jump up and say "Go get him!!".
Yes, this man talks with his hairline....

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Logan Crossed Off

Some sharp-eyed Logan fan noticed his name on the white board in Ross's office. So sad. He's crossed off!!!
For those with sharper eyes than mine.... Maybe you can make out what's written beside his name!
If you are receiving this as an email update, please click on the title to view the mini-vid on this blog.
This clip is from Identity Crisis.