Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ross and Alex's Little Finger

Goren and Ross are like oil and water. But what about Eames and Ross?
Well Alex is the golden haired girl. She always gets her way when she confronts Ross.

Take, for example, in Endgame when she asks Ross to allow Goren to stay on the case. Goren is lucky his head didn't roll for insubordination. Ross tells Goren he's off the case and stalks out. Alex runs after Ross and weaves her magic with enough logic and reason that Ross gives in and allows Goren to remain on the case....

The very next Goren & Eames episode (Amends), Alex is back diffusing the testosterone crowd (even though it isn't Alex versus Ross, it's a wonderful example of how she can cut through the crap).

Later in Amends, she must convince Ross that she should remain on the case. Her logic is enough for Ross, who gives in pretty easily.....

In Untethered, Alex even yells at Ross, gets away with it and still gets his support! (When Goren did that, he got sent home for a week, with a "Rubber Gun") Instead of firing Goren, he helps Alex rescue him. Good thing, too. If they hadn't stepped in, Goren wouldn't have lasted much longer. Ross presented a pretty solid case to the wicked witch warden at Tates. I don't think Alex would have been able to pull that off so persuasively, considering how stressed she was during her emotional outburst in Ross' office.....

It seems by the end of Season 8, in Alpha Dog, they finally have figured out how to get their way with Ross without alienating Goren. Teamwork.

Ross is actually pretty amusing, he almost whines, about not wanting to be involved, but Alex tells him that he's needed.... And once again, Alex has Ross tied around her little finger without a fight. And all he can do is look at her.

I hope we see lots more of Eames and Goren cornering Ross like this!


  1. And Alex has become stronger each time she gets her way with Ross. In "Lady's Man" Ross tried to remove her from the case because at the end of the Burnham murder trial she confronted Burnham in the courthouse and Burnham filed a complaint against her. She is not subdued when she answers. She blurts out exactly why she did it with no apologies. Then she turns the tables and questions Ross himself, asking him if he is grieving for Burnham. By the time she's finished with him, he's telling her she's the best he has! Too cool!

  2. Oh dear, so much cool clips and a good compilation.

    Alex uses her voice to handle Ross, perfect.

  3. Great set of clips!
    Yes, Eames does seem to always change Ross' mind,lol: sweet!!!


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