Thursday, April 15, 2010

Extended Deadline for the CI Binder Project

The deadline for submissions to the Criminal Intent Binder Project has been extended to April 24, 2010. We're getting lots of comments on the Saving Goren and Eames Blog, and there are still lots of tweets. AND there is something new on the Saving blog, too.

We've created 3 online letters, so if you don't have the time to write one, just go to the blog and sign your name - we'll add your name and any extra comments you make to the binders which are being sent to the departing actors.

Now, I'm in a position to know the tally of letters.... and I just want to say.

CANADA, WHERE ARE YOU????? (We're being beaten by South America and Europe!)

I know that everyone I talk to knows who Robert Goren is - and there are lots of serious fans. Please pop in and sign the online letters - or send me an email with your letter. And there is still time to send one snailmail....

Susan Civitelli
P.O. Box 397
West Haven, CT 06516

We want these binders to bulge - and things are certainly headed that way this week! So help us out! Thanks!


  1. I love that begging of Canada...

  2. Quietfire, I must appologize for not following your blog sooner. I know I have totally missed the binder project, but I will involve myself in your future endeavors. Cheers QF!!


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