Saturday, July 17, 2010

After All

These days I'm more than likely to let any anniversary or special date zoom past me, but hopefully that will change soon.

This one didn't slip by unnoticed. After All has passed 20,000 viewings. Wow! Thanks to everyone who has watched it and loved it enough to watch it again. I remember two years ago standing stock still and listening to Cher and Peter Cetera and thinking, wow, this is Goren and Eames; still together after all the crap that's been thrown at them.
And in my little shipper heart, in spite of what transpired in Loyalty, I hope they are still together somewhere. After all.

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  1. Holy Cow! That's a lot of viewings! Congratulations, Suzanne!

  2. Oh dear, how beautiful and congratulation to the high watching number.

    Yes Suzanne, they'll be always any way.

  3. Oh yeah, your dedication to these two AND your 'right on' understanding are reflected in the vids you make-- Thank You and Congratulations :)

    As for 'Loyalty', well, I was surprised that some shippers are 'depressed' over the ending which in contrast made me cry for joy/relief... What was depressing to them was Goren's words really "I'll see you around, I guess"... I believe that was just Bobby being Bobby; he had no clue she was gonna quit. He was resigning himself to seeing her... whenever he gets to see her *sniff* Insecure as Goren is, it didn't cross his mind (at least then...) that she'd throw it all away for him :wub: She just threw away her career FOR HIM... how would she not be seeing him around? ;)

    Just think about this, Goren and Eames have stop dating (been single) since quite a while. I (& the others with the same perspective) know that one of the major reasons that kept them from hooking up was their partnership. Now, it's over... my shippy heart is happy! And so should all the other shippers out there :D


  4. "She just threw away her career FOR HIM... how would she not be seeing him around? ;)"

    I seldom comment on my own blog, but your post had me doing the happy dance. Thank you!!!

  5. I was so happy to read these posts right now. I've been in kind of a funk for quite some time. I too believe that they indeed have the relationship all us shippers have wanted for them, we have to have something good come out of the ending of the show : even if its just in our minds. It was so nice to see these thoughts of you right now. I feel pretty good right now. Thanks!

  6. To Sandy & Quitefire:

    Mission accomplished: I made two shippers happy :D

    It's really my pleasure. I had a wide grin while reading your posts :D

    BA Forever!!!


  7. How could I not guess that was you Marie!? Bravo! I kept thinking she gave up her career because of what the brass was shoving down her throat, but I really like your version so much better!

  8. :)

    Yeah, her turning down the promotion is brass related. I mean, anybody would do that (well, maybe not "anybody" but you get my point) but her WHOLE career??... WOW! I mean that's humongous! It doesn't make sense. It'd be over the top if it were 'cause of the brass...

    Did you see the ocean of sadness on her face when Bobby was walking away? She can't see herself going on without him by her side every day. She got too used to him..."The Best"

    Oh... this reminds me of a funny/sweet moment between a fellow shipper & her husband. He's neither a shipper or a NoRomo. He just watched the show only for the crimes not really thinking about the actual main characters and their personal lives.
    So yeah, she's watching "Loyalty" with him and when the credits close, he stood there confused:
    Husband-- "Did she just quit?"
    Fellow Shipper-- "Yeah" (suppressing a laugh)
    Husband-- "Why'd she quit?"
    And without her hinting to him an answer, he concludes "Oh she was in love with him!"
    And again let me remind you that he's a clueless person. Eames' actions was just so canon! *happy sigh*

    One more thing,
    It's kinda ironic, isn't it? When she was just partnered with him, Eames wanted another partner 'cause she thought Bobby would ruin her career. But now look at what she's done... "Love does make everything else seem so small" :D(that quote's from a song "So Small" by Italobrothers)

    Ok I'm done... I got carried away a little *blushes*

  9. These are such happy thoughts!! And the story about the other shipper and her hubby was great. I get carried away too whenever someone is willing to listen about my thoughts on Bobby and Alex. Have a great day!

  10. Forgot to say how much I love the video too. That song is beautiful and does fit the two of them.

  11. Congratulations, Quietfire! Wow - over 20,000 viewings! Awesome!


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