Friday, February 25, 2011

Teasing Us!

or torturing us.....  I never thought I'd see the day - especially a year ago.
He's back with a clean-shaven face and a suit!  Her hair has grown so long!  How many more sleeps till they're back? (May 1st!)


  1. Oh. My. God!!

    I am experiencing shortness of breath!!! Oxygen, please!!

    This is SO exciting!! Thank you for sharing this!! You have made my day! My week! My month! My year!

    Who wudda thunk it? Amazing!!!

  2. Pass the oxygen. After this video, I am doing the happy "shippy" dance. Look at the way she smiles at him.

  3. lol
    My "shippy" heart had a little dance also. But I refuse to put my hopes up for anything... can't afford disappointments...

    I wonder what BA have been doing during the "gap"... oh the possibilities!

  4. I'm doing a shippy dance with you! But I too don't want to get my hopes up. I'm still very nervous about this season.



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