Monday, May 9, 2011

The Consoler Screen Caps

Well I haven't even finished watching the episode yet and I'm having to grab caps as soon as I see them!
I haven't had a chance to analyse anything, but I sure like what I see!

When was the last time you saw Goren's arm on the back of Eames chair?  Like NEVER.

Can't you just hear Eames thinking, "Tell me I didn't just hear you call the boss a moron"

Followed by "Oh, man, don't alienate another boss - especially so soon....."  Eames is pretty nervous around the new captain later on when Goren slams the table.

Oh, loved this! Goren gestures to the guy to go through the door and then squeezes through at the same time.  So good to have you back Robert!

Now this is more like it!  Put your heads together and figure it out!

He certainly doesn't look triumphant about this one.  If Eames was in the room, she'd get "the look".

And about the psychiatrist - it was okay.  Vincent D'Onofrio was excellent creating a defensive uncertain Robert Goren.  Goren values his job enough to do what he's told. I'm not sure he'll ever "give anything up to her", but in talking and listening, it may soothe some of  his demons.  At some point Eames will be brought up.  Now that makes *me* uncomfortable for him!

As a vidder, I am completely over the moon with this episode.  There are loads of great clips!  This was an excellent episode.  Absolutely excellent!
Thank you!


  1. I love this episode also. Can't wait for your new video. Big fan of your videos. My "shippy heart" is very happy this a.m. after seeing these caps.

  2. I agree with you totally. I noticed the arm over the back of the chair immediately also. I thought the episode was wonderful too and although I would have liked to have gotten a little more info. about them getting back, maybe there will be bits and pieces from now on. A good reason(as if we need any more) to keep watching. I hope the ratings were great.

  3. Bobby called the captain a moron? Really, see I badly need to re-watch the episode.

    Great caps. I already made my and need time to check them.

  4. I do think he will "give up" his heartache to the psychiatrist. He knows it's the only way and she seems up to the "challenge" of Robert Goren.

    Loved the show. Thrilled they are back. Loved the door squeeze too! LOL! And if looks could kill, Alex would have done in Robert when he called the captain a moron. She's awesome!

  5. You picked out a few great moments :)

    I haven't ever tried watching and capping. I'd get impatient, I fear...


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