Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bump/Touch List Update!

I had an email from Zeharaeden today about a bump/touch sighting - on the same day as I finally found the bump/touch I've been looking for! Both today's sightings are Eames touching him. Alex is on a roll in Season 7. Roflolol! I gotta get a life....

It's no wonder it took me so long to find the Smile touch. I am traumatized by the last scene in that episode and hardly watch it.... but I needed some clips from it for my next vid..... curious?

Thanks very much to Zeharaeden for pointing out the Smothered touch. Updates are in bold blue.

Suzanne and Magra’s Bump/Touch List

He touches her
on purpose:
 Smothered - as they leave the mother’s building and he wants to talk to the doorman - nope, not a touch, just a hand gesture - But on second thought there might be a bump there!!
 Yesterday – on the street - after they finish talking to Ricky’s old landlord and before they talk to his wife in the fur coat – he almost whacks her on the back!!!!
 Maledictus – when they’re in Toronto doing an interview
 Legion – out on the street in the snow
 Blink – when he realizes they need to go see his father’s friend at the bar (they’re standing in the hallway) He reaches out and almost pulls her!!
 Undaunted Mettle – in the architect’s office
 Seizure – when he want her to look back and see Dr. Dwyer straightening the mess he’s made!
 Pas de Deux – when he almost dances with her!
 Pas de Deux – after she almost shoots Donny
 Pas de Deux – in the observation room at 34:49 minutes. Carver & Deakins are there. Wow, he really missed her – he has to keep touching her to make sure she’s really back! It’s so fast, I wasn’t really sure he touched her until it was in Vegas and I could move frame by frame!
 Mis-labelled – after they leave the room
 Gone – as they leave the Maritime lawyer’s office – just before they talk to the secretary
 Self Made

by mistake:

 he bumped her in Amends as he goes into Ross’s office – right after he and Copa have their yelling match and just before the CoD’s reams him out. On my version, it’s at 15 minutes & 7 seconds!
 In Blink – when they’re in the observation room at the end with Ken – just as Goren moves toward Ken to poke him in the chest. It’s very slight.
 in Vacancy when they’re walking down the hall and she is telling him about her drunk aunt.
 in Siren Call – their fingers touch as he drops the keys in her hand
 in On Fire – as they’re leaving the home of Regina and her husband, Eames stops and notices the face mask.
 in Vanishing Act – their fingers touch as she hands him coffee

She touches him:
on purpose:

Smothered (Thanks to Zeharaeden for this tip!) – after they're drinking coffee on the bench during surveillance, they run after and catch Dale Van Acker. Bobby pushes him up against the wall and Alex runs behind, bumps into him and puts her hand on his back.
 Pas de Deux: When she want the bomb squad
 Want: As she goes behind him as he searches in the freezer in the bodega
 Amends: Touches his arm close to 20:35.
Smile: in Ross’ office when Eames receives the note that the young boy has died, she touches the back of her hand to his arm before she hands him the note.
 Betrayed when they’re sitting together on the desk and she reads the report someone hands her. She touches the back of her hand to his chest while she’s reading.

by mistake:
 The Enemy Within - she bumps his binder as they walk down the street with Carver


  1. This list is freakin' hilarious but I really love it,lols!!!:D

  2. There's another one in eosphoros when Eames taps Goren's arm in a suspects apartment to show him a receipt. I just watched it. :)


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