Thursday, May 10, 2012

Criminal Intent meets Person of Interest

Over the past months I have become more and more invested in Person of Interest.  If you follow my YouTube channel, you know exactly where my "fan"tasies are!

Well tonight, No Good Deed 1.22 was the penultimate episode of the PoI season and I knew it was time for a blog post.

One of the stars of Person of Interest is Michael Emerson - he is Harold Finch. Here is an actor that always lands on his feet. Criminal Intent fans know him as the unforgettable Gerry Rankin in Phantom way back in Season 1 in 2002.  Oh, my, that's a long time ago!  He's the guy who had Goren running and almost blew his kids away.  Like I say, unforgettable.  It's taken me a while to get over the bad guy taste in my mouth that he left me with.
So that would be the first PoI connection to Criminal Intent.

Another face that has cropped up more recently, in three episodes so far, is actress Elizabeth Marvel.  In PoI, she is Alicia Corwin and it seems both Finch and Reese know her, but we don't know if the other knows it. 

For the Criminal Intent Fans, Elizabeth Marvel was Sylvia Moon in Art, Season 1 (2001) and then again in Season 5, Prisoner (2005) as Jenny Hendry.

Now I really cannot tell why I like Mark Snow. This is from the scene where Carter sneers at him as he walks away.  He is really being a threat to our favourite PoI man. However, if we're lucky, he's dead.  But he's such a charming bad guy!

Michael Kelly was in Boots on the Ground, S10 of Criminal Intent.

There were two shocker appearances in tonight's episode that had me squealing!

Actress Carrie Preston was awesome in three episodes of Criminal Intent as
Megan Colby, a small part in Zoonotic (2003);
Doreen Whitlock, a tragically abused wife, in Magnificat (2004) and as Lena Copeland in Bedfellows (2006). 
Ms. Preston has been cracking me up as a guest star on six episodes of The Good Wife over the last couple of years. 

But what is even more amusing is that in real life she is married to Mr. Phantom himself Michael Emerson.  And tonight she played Finch's fiance.  How cute is that?

And last but not least....

The Big Bad Guy trying to eliminate this week's Person of Interest, was Jay O. Sanders, who played  Captain Joseph Hannah in the final season of Criminal Intent, but was really memorable as Harry Rowan in Dead (2002) who was as big and tall and almost as smart as Goren. (Okay, okay!  No one is as smart as Goren!)
And that's all the connections I've noticed so far.  Let me know if you've seen more!
Feel free to check out my current PoI vid (I'm working on another).  Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh wow, the same face everywhere ;o)

  2. Whoa! Good catch! I haven't watch CI in a long while but the show and Bobby and Eames have a special place in my heart. Now that I'm neck deep in the POI fandom, it's great to see a fellow CI fan!

  3. Michael Kelly also starred in the short-lived CM Suspect Behavior. But thanks for placing him, I couldn't tell where from I know him and it's been really bugging me. So it was LOCI after all!

  4. I haven't watch CI in a while either. I loved LOST, so this should be a good one. I will have to check it out.

  5. Jay O Sanders was in another episode before he was captain too.. Trying to think of the name of it..
    His character was a retired cop, living with his daughter.. Got ppl still in the squad to kill many


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