Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's a Good Day to Send Fluff to USA Network!

Yes,this is the same post as on Saving Goren And Eames Now blog! I have the power...

"Eames! I found the source of all the trouble!
This stuff isn't suppose to be here!"

They obviously want it at USA Network, because they think Criminal Intent is too dark for their viewers. Duh. The only reason a lot of us are there is because of Criminal Intent!

So we are sending Fluff to USA Network. We understand that if you buy it today at Buy the Case, your order

will arrive at USA offices on Friday,

perfectly timed with the 10 cases from fabulous anonymous donor at the forum - as well as many others of us!

Let's make a statement!
Re-read why were doing this here and here.

Send your Fluff to:

Jean Guerin
Senior Vice President, Communications
USA Network
30 Rockefeller Plaza
Floor 21
New York, NY

Thanks to OBC for the photo and caption!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Don't Tell Me Goodbye - Mini-vid

Happy birthday Antje! Hope you like it. Just a shortie.

(Warning: It ends suddenly. Sort of like how we're all feeling about what's happening with our amazing characters....)

(if you are receiving this as an email update, please click on the title and come view the mini-vid on the blog.)

Don't tell me Goodbye - Suzie McNeill

Monday, October 5, 2009

Lots of us are quoting Alex Eames right now!

For the latest on the campaign to save Goren and Eames from those tight-fisted Network types visit the constantly changing

It's there you'll find links to the
  • the latest addresses and contacts
  • online petition
  • the constant Twitter feed
  • the supporting blogs and forums
  • the latest on media coverage and more!

Help us save Goren and Eames!

Here is a copy of a letter I sent to one media outlet:

The fans of Law & Order Criminal Intent are ticked.

I am one of those fans. Over the years I have been taken for a great ride - the fabulous evolution of Robert Goren. He began as a precocious puppy and matured through adversity to a dignified mature man, all incarnations brilliantly and subtly portrayed by Vincent D'Onofrio. Kathryn Erbe’s Eames is his perfect fit. Yin to his Yang.

I don’t believe their stories are finished and know there is a huge need for intelligent scripting, acting and production. To my delight, Criminal Intent has always filled that role.

USA Network, who treated the show so well when they acquired it, dropped the ball after its first season in their possession.

 They postponed Season 8 from fall to winter to spring, losing valuable fan support.
 They pushed Jeff Goldblum to the forefront in Season 8 promotions alienating the loyal viewers of many years and then introduced a lighter tone to the series.
 They aired Season 8 so badly out of filming order that not even the dedicated viewers could recognize the gradual and beautiful recovery of Robert Goren. Some week’s he had a beard, the next it would be gone, only to return again the next episode. USA did Vincent D’Onofrio a huge disservice here.
 And now it appears USA has offered insulting salary reductions to D’Onofrio and Erbe along with Eric Bogosian.

Vincent D’Onofrio built his detective into a TV icon and a template for a plethora of new lighter content shows. He has earned millions for NBC and USA.

USA is now willing to let him go?

Not if the fans can help it. The Criminal Intent fans are working hard to preserve at least one more season of Robert Goren, rather than the feeble single episode we are currently being promised.

Playing off USA’s quest for lighter fare, fans have initiated a Fluff Campaign. Apparently only fluffy Characters are Welcome at USA. So we are sending Fluff. Marshmallow Fluff. By the case.

We are Twittering, Facebooking and Blogging
Postcards are being sent and emails are being written. We are not going down without a fight.

At some point I will mourn the loss of the Goren and Eames characters and celebrate the pleasure they have given me.

When they are gone from Criminal Intent, so am I.
But not just yet…..

Respectfully offered,

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Saving Goren and Eames

I am so *so* happy to see the amazing fan support taking place for this wonderful show.

If USA Network thinks Criminal Intent is too serious for their viewers and are looking for lighter fare, then they have sadly underestimated the fans.

If they want fluff in their programming,

we’re sending them fluff.

The Fluff Campaign started with Nantz at the Vinnie Vidi Vici Blog and has taken on a life of its own.

You can find it on Wikipedia:
“In response to news of the impending cast changes, on September 27, 2009, dedicated fans of the series united and launched a grassroots campaign to save departing cast members D'Onofrio, Erbe and Bogosian. Among the more traditional methods of letters, postcards, email and phone calls, the fans included sending jars of marshmallow fluff by the case to express their displeasure at the proposed change of tone for the series to a lighter venue.”

Tell USA/NBCU that we want well-scripted and acted programs. We want our Goren and Eames for another full 8 episodes. USA's byline is Characters Welcome. Well they've just dumped the most fabulous character I've ever had the joy to watch. It seems USA only wants Fluffy Characters. So.....

Send your Fluff (cotton balls, Marshmallow fluff) to:
Jean Guerin
Senior Vice President, Communications
USA Network
30 Rockefeller Plaza
Floor 21
New York, NY

As part of the Fluff Campaign an anonymous donor on the forum is mailing 10 cases of Marshmallow Fluff to USA offices.

Want to know where you can buy fluff?

will send three-packs anywhere for $14 (inc. shipping) and persons can pay by check or credit card.

also Thanks to Chrissy for this link
People can buy Fluff by the case and there is NO shipping fee, which is excellent considering the weight of those containers. There is a flat handling fee of $4.99 per order, so I ordered 3 cases and only paid the price of the product plus the $4.99 flat. There was also NO SALES TAX stuck on my order (going from Maryland to Jean Guerin in New York).

Each case is only $27.48, which is less than Amazon, I believe.
I was able to purchase more than I had originally intended from the money I save on shipping.


Where to complain that our beloved cast has been wronged.

Lynn Weiss, +1-818-777-6682,
Farrah Hersh, +1-212-664-4137,

Senior VP of Network Publicity Jean Guerin.

Send your postcards (more than 1!) to
Bonnie Hammer
NBCU Cable Entertainment and Universal Cable Productions
3000 West Alameda Avenue
Burbank, CA 91523-0002

Nikki Finke at
Robert Seidman at - look over his column to get where he is coming from at - Stelter will respond only if he gets a lot of contact.

NPR: Sue Goodwin
"Talk of the Nation" host Neal Conan is a big L&O fan
These are from VinneVidiVici I don't know what Slate is - anyone enlighten me?

Twitter your complaints
make sure you add @USA_LawOrderCI in your tweets.
Make sure you add @USA_Network

Visit these dedicated Bloggers supporting the Save Goren and Eames campaign! Thanks to Hannah at Make Gentle the Life of this World for contacting these wonderful blog owners.

Saving Goren and Eames NOW - the latest updates for contacts
Vinnie Vidi Vici Blog - originator of the Fluff.
Basric - who has the most interesting information on what went on at USA....