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Lots of us are quoting Alex Eames right now!

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Help us save Goren and Eames!

Here is a copy of a letter I sent to one media outlet:

The fans of Law & Order Criminal Intent are ticked.

I am one of those fans. Over the years I have been taken for a great ride - the fabulous evolution of Robert Goren. He began as a precocious puppy and matured through adversity to a dignified mature man, all incarnations brilliantly and subtly portrayed by Vincent D'Onofrio. Kathryn Erbe’s Eames is his perfect fit. Yin to his Yang.

I don’t believe their stories are finished and know there is a huge need for intelligent scripting, acting and production. To my delight, Criminal Intent has always filled that role.

USA Network, who treated the show so well when they acquired it, dropped the ball after its first season in their possession.

 They postponed Season 8 from fall to winter to spring, losing valuable fan support.
 They pushed Jeff Goldblum to the forefront in Season 8 promotions alienating the loyal viewers of many years and then introduced a lighter tone to the series.
 They aired Season 8 so badly out of filming order that not even the dedicated viewers could recognize the gradual and beautiful recovery of Robert Goren. Some week’s he had a beard, the next it would be gone, only to return again the next episode. USA did Vincent D’Onofrio a huge disservice here.
 And now it appears USA has offered insulting salary reductions to D’Onofrio and Erbe along with Eric Bogosian.

Vincent D’Onofrio built his detective into a TV icon and a template for a plethora of new lighter content shows. He has earned millions for NBC and USA.

USA is now willing to let him go?

Not if the fans can help it. The Criminal Intent fans are working hard to preserve at least one more season of Robert Goren, rather than the feeble single episode we are currently being promised.

Playing off USA’s quest for lighter fare, fans have initiated a Fluff Campaign. Apparently only fluffy Characters are Welcome at USA. So we are sending Fluff. Marshmallow Fluff. By the case.

We are Twittering, Facebooking and Blogging
Postcards are being sent and emails are being written. We are not going down without a fight.

At some point I will mourn the loss of the Goren and Eames characters and celebrate the pleasure they have given me.

When they are gone from Criminal Intent, so am I.
But not just yet…..

Respectfully offered,


  1. well, I only know from talking to VD's sis here in Florida,thatVince announced to the family early on in 2008 that he would not renew his contract for a ninth year as he wanted to pursue other interests and his father Gene sent me an email early last year saying that Vince had told him he was leaving the show...if you check Elizabeth D'Onofrios blog she pretty much explains what has happened

  2. If our campaign works, and Vincent and Kathryn are given a decent offer from USA, but they don't want to accept it, they can still decline it. At the very least, they will know their fans love them and want them to have the opportunity to give their characters a final season.

  3. I saw Elizabeth's blog post. I will only believe the decision to go came from Vincent and Kathryn when THEY announce it.

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  5. Okay, trying this again! :)

    The following is a transcription of Vincent's interview in Paris from summer 2009 (July, I believe.) In response to a question about the show (what exactly was asked isn't clear b/c the interviews only included Vincent's answers), here is what he actually said:

    “You know, I don’t know how long I’m gonna do it. They don’t talk to us at all about that. Like, I never know if the show is coming back tomorrow or not. I mean, I have no idea. I know as much as you do. ‘Cause it’s all a big business.”

    So...I will take Vincent's words straight from his mouth. From what Vincent himself has stated, this whole contract snafu has happened only recently. As in, back when he did this interview, he knew nothing about the offer yet, therefore he had made no decisions.

    A little clarity. :)

  6. If VDO and KE left on their own - a respectful and proper ending would have been a two hour movie - end show.

    It's disrespectful to the fans and actors to continue on with a show that IS about Alex Eames and Bobby Goren - NOT someone who has been in a few episodes.

    The Law and Order franchise is all about spinning off - no reason they couldn't have ended LOCI with the two hour finale and also used that to jump start another show - Law and Order Major Case or something like that.

    Most of us are VDO fans and our first thought was "NO MORE BOBBY! GASP!" But, it has become about more than that. It's about a network treating its fans like crap and the dumbing down of TV as shows are replaced with "fluff" and "reality" crap.

    I wish the actors the very best and if you know them personally - give 'em a big "good luck" and a kiss for me!

  7. Sorry for all of you hardcore VD and KE fans out there, but you have to give credit to the powers that be at L&O (and they have the track record to prove it) for making this move.

    The story lines with Bobby and Alex have run their course. Bobby was great the first few years but enough is enough. He is boring and predictible now. Alex has always been a mildly boring character and remains so, so not much lost there. I had always thought that there could have been some chemistry there, but it has been clearer and clearer over the years that there is no chemistry whatsoever.

    Now it remains to be seen whether JG can carry the series or if it will have to fold up its tent after a nice long run.


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