Thursday, October 8, 2009

Don't Tell Me Goodbye - Mini-vid

Happy birthday Antje! Hope you like it. Just a shortie.

(Warning: It ends suddenly. Sort of like how we're all feeling about what's happening with our amazing characters....)

(if you are receiving this as an email update, please click on the title and come view the mini-vid on the blog.)

Don't tell me Goodbye - Suzie McNeill


  1. Suzanne, I love it. So sweet... very nice collection of those little moments :-)

    And a happy Birthday to you, sweetie !!

  2. Thank you, Suzanne for this vid. I know it's for Antje, but we all need it now, and I know Antje won't mind sharing!

    Happy Birthday, Antje!!

  3. Oh dear, Suzanne that was so sweet and you hit all the right buttons.

    Thanks so muc for your present.

  4. How sweet Suzanne as always! Love how you placed those clips together *sigh* B/A:(

    Hope you had a good one Antje:)

  5. This Vid is so wonderfull and the Music is very nice. Thanks for make this :-)

  6. ich hab einen blog ,
    und was für einen den besten vom besten lol
    hallo caro ;-)


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