Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Remember Save You?

Well one thing led to another today and I ended up on my Vimeo channel, a place I seldom go. Some sweet person (I'm assuming it was one person) regularly watched Sharp Dressed Man there when it was not viewable on YouTube. Now that Sharp Dressed Man is viewable on YT (still so baffled by that!) the person no longer visits my Vimeo channel! (I get email updates from Vimeo)

What I did find on Vimeo, that I had forgotten was there, was my Save You vid. It's been forever since I watched it. I'm embedding it here with Susan's astute comment which describes, in words, exactly what I was trying to say in video format!

CI - Save You from CI Musings on Vimeo. (It's bigger on the Vimeo site)

... you have brought a whole new light to the song - the light of Robert Goren. His need to try to save people - especially the emotionally wounded children he so identifies with - stems from his own family relationships and lack thereof. You've showed many of the ones he's tried to save - his mom, his brother, the children he comes into contact with in his cases, and of course, Eames - the only one who has tried to save him right back. And you've done it with the expert timing I have happily become accustomed to in your vids. Every time I think I couldn't possibly love Goren more, you create a vid that makes me fall in love with him all over again! Thank you for sharing your thoughtfully produced work.

The original post for Save You is here.


  1. I actually watch "Save You" regularly:P
    I think it, "Somewhere", "Perfect", "Hallelujah" are my fave vids from you... Actually they're on the list of my favorite CI vids ^_^ Just awesome touching work:)

    And it's definitely good news that "Sharp Dressed Man" is on YT now B) I'm more used to that site :rolls eyes:


  2. Thanks for updating us! And I am so flattered you used my comment! It's still true today! A wonderful vid!


  3. Thanks Marie! I'm glad to hear it.

    I must add Perfect and Somewhere to Vimeo as well. I'd be in heaven if YouTube suddenly released them like it did with Sharp Dressed Man. Who knows (?) what goes on at YouTube....

  4. Oh wow how beautiful and I can just nod to Susan's words.

    I always like when Bobby is with kids. His whole face shines.

  5. Do you remember why you put it on vimeo in the first place? So I could watch it!! :-)

  6. All your vids are great, I use Dailymotion now for anything CI related now and any music vids since NBC now blocks CI vids-well certainly the ones I have made and that third party tagging thing puts you off too.

  7. I love Simple Plan. Amazing how so many of their songs could be about G/E.....


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