Sunday, January 31, 2010

2010 Grammy Awards

This year was particularly interesting to me as I've borrowed music by two of the talented women nominated for multiple Grammies.
BEST FEMALE POP VOCAL PERFORMANCE nominations went to Katy Perry for Hot N Cold and P!nk for Sober.
I loved interpreting both songs for Criminal Intent fanvids. As soon as I heard each song, I knew exactly what I could do with them.

Although she didn't sing Sober at the Grammies, P!ink did sing Glitter in the Air and her performance tonight should go down in history. (She sang Sober at the MTV Music Awards)
Unfortunately, neither of "my" ladies won Grammies, but P!nk was simply unforgettable.


  1. Oh my God, what an artist and while spinning and spinnging (I had thrown up after two rounds) her voice was perfect (maybe play back?).

    Really hot and the water made it even steamier. Great performance.

  2. I am awestruck! She is amazing! But what amazes me even more is that if you hadn't blogged this, I never would have known. She hasn't received any press here on her incredible performance! Thanks for sharing this fabulous presentation!

  3. I love the animation of Vincent and Kate you have in the upper right side of your blog!


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