Sunday, February 14, 2010

Puntland - Season 9 Premiere Promo


  1. Not sure if I have mentioned this lately, but I f***ing HATE USA Network!!!

  2. Don't hold back, Susan. Tell us how you *really* feel! ;)

    And may I add a resounding "Me too!!"

  3. Well, I'm right along with the two of you <_< ...

    However, I'm really curious to see how things are gonna play out and at the same time I'm dreading March 30th so *MEGA GASPS* I don't think I'll ever forget that date!

    Also Eames in Bobby's apartment? Ok, I know I might be sounding pathetic, but I never thought we'd ever get to see that someday! Hope they don't delete that whole scene :angry:



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