Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Touches of Loyalty (Spoiler Alert!)

Tonight was the first of the last two Goren and Eames episodes. Among many things that were wonderful about this episode was the amount of touching. Now Criminal Intent is a touch-free zone, but they blew everything out of the water tonight and it was sweet and very, very poignant. Unlike those rare fun ones that Magra and I collected in our Bump-Touch list, these touches were normal reactions to horrible circumstances.

The scene where Goren and Eames arrive (together?) at the crime scene is magnificent. Wow, poor Rodgers! She is grief-stricken. She distressed me! She is always so calm and sardonic, this really blind-sided me.
Eames reaches out and touches her.

Then, even the reserved Goren reaches out and touches her. They have had such an interesting relationship over the years. He always challenges her and she always has an answer. And she hates it when he touches her corpses. (that doesn't sound quite right)
Then (OMG!) Alex gets a back rub. To me, this seems like such a natural thing to do to someone who is distressed. It also soothes the the person doing the rubbing. It is not something I would have anticipated in Robert Goren and it was a wonderful gift to her and to us. A simply beautiful gesture from such a reserved person.

And not only does Alex get a back rub, she gets a hug. Again a really natural thing to do for most people, but not these two. And she initially accepts it, but then pulls away with what I would interprete as a not-here/not-now shake of the head. How does Alex Eames cope with grief? She gets angry and goes to work. She was true to form.
Now do you think Eames will ever reach out to touch Goren? It's time to relax a little, Alex.

This is such a powerful scene, I really had to add these few caps. It makes me want to jump in there and make it better for them. For us, too....


  1. With all the death they've seen, it's "touching" to know they haven't been hardened by it - not that I thought it did, but actually seeing it in all of them was very satisfying.

    And speaking of death, witnessing the death of our show is excruciating. I wish Robert would give me a back rub and hug!

  2. Its funny how they both deal with pain, Goren gets angry like he did when he was under stress in War at Home, and Eames likes to grieve in private.

  3. That scene was so full of power. All actors were brilliant and I'm with you, I also want to be with them to hold their hands in that dark moment.

  4. Of course I just loved that scene too!!! ^_^
    And yes that back rub and hug were a gift to us too :) Never expected that!

    As for Eames shaking her head, the "Not Here/Not Now" are the EXACT words I thought of B)

    This first part was really great... I'm hoping we get a satisfying ending (well, who isn't?) *anxiety, anxiety, anxiety*


  5. OMG!!! Spoiler alert!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bobby and Alex hug in part two of loyalty. Like an actual full on hug!


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