Monday, June 21, 2010

Comprehensively Updated and Enlarged

Would Goren do it any other way than Complete? .....Since when did he start playing bridge??

I found this little gem (actually, it's a BIG book) while cleaning out my parent's home. You just never know what you'll come across....


  1. That's a riot...I actually did a post about that book a few months back and there you actually have it!

  2. My mother had this book too! I remember seeing it when I dusted her bookcase as a kid. But she never played Bridge! I guess she had hoped to learn someday.

  3. That is way too funny and eerie. Way to go QF! That is truly one for the books. Cheers QF!!

  4. Beside his crime job Bobby needs a little distraction at home...Bridge, a nice choice I would love to learn from him.


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