Monday, June 21, 2010

Robert Goren's Home

We see Robert Goren's home in a scant few episodes: Amends, Frame, Faithfully and Loyalty. We know from Faithfully that his address is
210 Mather Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY 11222

For some reason, I thought he'd moved somewhere along the way, but when putting together this mini-vid, I had to re-assess that. All scenes show the same home. The biggest difference that I noticed was the floor. And perhaps the cupboards are darker later. An eagle-eyed Susan noticed the 2 cups and bowls in Faithfully. Has he "got someone"? or does he have a higher threshold for putting his dishes away? How about that nice harvest gold stove.....?

Here, for your amusment, are most of the scenes in Robert Goren's place. There is no sound to distract you. Once you've seen it, try answering these questions. (Don't expect me to have the answers!)

  • Is this a house or an apartment?
  • Does he own the place?
  • Do you see any discontinuities?
  • What stands out most to you? (about the surroundings, not the characters - stop watching them!)
  • What do you suppose is on his fridge?
  • Where is the rest of the house????

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  1. I've watched it a few times, but I'm sorry, I can't take my eyes off of him! He's so gorgeous! I'll keep trying though!

    And I do hope he has someone. I want him to be loved and if I can't do it, I hope someone is lovin' him!

  2. LOL
    Same thing happened to me in my first viewing: I couldn't take my eyes off Bobby and of course Eames too in 'Loyalty'

    I remember when I first saw the preview of 'Amends' I was like "OMG, we finally get to see Bobby's place, YAY!"

    One thing I've notice is that the tiles are different really... As for the difference in tint, I blame that on the lighting...

    I've looked at your mini-vid several times and everything seems to be consistent (except the floor)

    And I didn't notice the two cups and bowls,lol Good catch... Maybe Eames was already in bed :rolleyes:

    To me his place looks pretty 'ordinary'. However, in 'Amends' we could tell that something wasn't functioning well in him...

    Home or apartment? Well, I always assumed that he lived in an apartment but the front door makes it seem like a home... Then again sometimes apartments do seem like homes... In other words, idk. Nonetheless I'm clinging to the idea that it's an apartment.

    Where's the rest of it? Behind Eames, adjacent to the front door, there's another door... (never caught that until your vid)

  3. I noticed that in Faithfully it looked like there was a lighted hallway outside his fron door when he was entering his apartment. The lighting through the front door window could be seen when he closed the door. In the last clip the light through the front door looked like daylight meaning his front door would open directly to the outside. Faithfully definately gives the impression of an apartment, where the last clip makes it look more like a house. Vicki

  4. Where is the rest of the house????

    When it's an one floor apartment I think the whole rest of the flat is on he left side and behid the kitchen.

    Maybe living room very close to the entrance. From the entrance and beside the kitchen the bedroom and behind the the kitchen the bath.

    When you have a house or a masionette apartment then I can't imagine. There are so many possibilities. Living room also in the ground floor and bath and bed room above...

  5. From what I've seen of the area (the actual area), it's mostly houses. It's about 15 minutes from 1PP driving (no traffic) and maybe 30 minutes by subway.

  6. You guys listen carefully. I'll have to watch that episode again because I don't remember them saying his address. SO the rest of the house. The living room is to the left of the fridge, and the bedrooms are upstairs from the foyer. (between the front door and the arch) Just guessing. aicram62 on facebook. Marcia everywhere else.

    1. Oh, and tenement homes are like apt/houses. They have a flight up to the house. And then once through the door there's usually the livingroom dining room kitchen and upstairs bedrooms and also a basement. It's not really a house, but not an apartment either. Tenement.


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