Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy 49th!

The title for this was going to be Happy Birthday, Detective, but alas, as we know this photo I chose comes from his last moments as a detective. 
And how do we know his date of birth?
Well, I suppose we have to thank Nicole for *something*...
(from Anti-thesis)
I wish we knew as much about Eames!


  1. Much as I'd love his birthday to be August 20 the same as me, how do we know that the middle one of the three is the right one?

  2. Yeah, and we have his Social Security number, too! LOL! ;)

    I meant to do a post for Bobby's birthday and crashed into bed instead! Shame on me!

    To Kim - during the interrogation scene, Nicole actually wrote it down at 8/20/61 and wrote his SSN down, too. And he said "That's security birth date..." It was how she planted the first dart that led them down that path to that infamous cat-and-mouse game of theirs.

  3. He should be namend honorary Detective or something like that!! It's so cool we got his birthdays. That rarely ever happens on any show.

    I wonder whether these birthdates actually belong to someone else on the show... someone behind the scenes.

  4. Robert may not have the title any longer, but in my mind, he will always be a detective. It's part of him. So I'll say, Happy Birthday, Detective! (Hope you don't mind!)

    Hey Tjara, you made me curious too! I looked up Rene Balcer's birthdate, which is 2/9!! But he was born in 1954, instead of 1958. Cool.

  5. Awww, Happy Birthday Bobby Goren!
    You don't find people like him every day on the street. He's so kind,caring,sensitive,sweet, compassionate etc... You gotta love a character like that!

    Yes, it's rare for shows to give out characters' birthday (let alone SSN #s,lol) but we should of gotten Eames' too really! *rats*


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