Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Left to Right

I have had a life-long love of Left-handed people.  I don't know. There is just something different about them. The ones I know in person have the greatest sense of humour. I usually notice Lefties instantly in real life. Maybe they have a determination about them that I like as they adapt to to the Rightie world. (Teaching calligraphy, I see my fair share. There were 3 in one class in Winnipeg last fall!)

It's a little harder when you're watching the tube, though.  I think it was years before I realized Oprah was a Leftie. In drama series, there are tons of Lefties.  I swear there is at least one per show.

The Lefties I know in real life are pretty ambidextrous. But Robert Goren isn't. I don't know whether it's because you see him writing a lot (and of course he carries his gun on the other hip) or just what, but Vincent D'Onofrio screams Leftie in almost every scene.

I love this scene in Cuba Libre.  Ever noticed the switch from his left hand to right so he can correctly demonstrate what probably happened during the crime?
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You can see a whole bunch of Vincent Leftie photos on my friend Tjara's blog.  She is a Leftie and notices these things (although my close Leftie friend never does!)

And while I was watching Cuba Libre, my eye caught something similar to what Tjara recently pointed out.  I think she posted this cutie photo of Eames from See Me somewhere.

And from Cuba Libre....Not quite as cute, but pretty good!


  1. That's interesting about your attraction to lefties. For me, I find it difficult to watch because somehow it doesn't compute in my mind, like the picture isn't right (no pun intended, lol). But, I have for some reason made myself drive my car with my left hand even though I'm right handed. Love the photos!

  2. What a sweet post!!

    I tend to agree, Vincent (and I'm almost certain it has to be him, not just an act) has to be pretty dominant left, because as you said, he screams leftie in many, many, many scenes. I was wondering whether in this particular scene, the switch had to do with the fact that they knew the perp had to be right handed because of the pattern of the shots.

    And those Eames pics are a riot! And yes, I've posted the one from See Me (some time in the past) and made it into an icon as well ;)

  3. Since I was a kid, I always wished I were a lefty! I'm still envious of them *rolleyes*
    However for some reason, I always use my left ear when I'm on the phone; it just feels better. I can also draw pretty well with my left hand. So one score for me :P

    Eames looks awfully adorable in the first pic!

  4. Being left or right handed is not something I used to notice regularly. But LOCI and it's fans have changed all that!!! LOL!!

    I love this scene too, as it really demonstrates how right Alex was in "Loyalty" - he IS the best.

    And she's adorable in those stills! To me, those looks she gives him only show how close they are. And I like that!

  5. @Anonymous
    Me, too - I use my left ear on the phone. I wonder if Lefties use their right? I also shoot left when I play hockey (not that that's happened for a while.....).

  6. @ Quitefire
    "I wonder if Lefties use their right?"-- hmmm it could be... Talking about this, I can't seem to cock my right eyebrow, but it's a piece of cake to do it with my left. Interestingly, Goren always cocks his right so does Foreman (in House... he's also a lefty)... Pretty interesting, huh?


  7. @Marie
    About the eyebrow - I remember talking to Susan about Goren and the right eyebrow - but I'd never noticed Foreman's! And I have to hold my eyebrows to get the right to go up! I agree, I think it's pretty interesting, too.

  8. I use my left ear on my cell (at least for short phone talks), but I do use my right when on the regular phone (that's because of our set up at home though)


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