Saturday, April 18, 2009

That Step Forward

Well, there is a CI Marathon on Mystery Channel today and boy! it's hard to stay away from the tv! You'd think Mystery was gearing up for Season 8. One of the episodes in the marathon was Frame.

That step forward I'm referring to is from Frame.

Here is that step forward with no sound to distract us, once at normal speed and once in slow motion.

It wasn't until I watched Magra's Frame vid that I realized Goren really had stepped forward. I had initially thought he was just shifting. Upon countless musings, I came to realize how significant that subtle step forward was. (You can find it used right at the end of My Life)

After completely losing his cool in the morgue, Eames gives Goren a "graceful" exit. He stalks outside, replying curtly to Eames' words and then stops as he realizes what she is trying to tell him. The look in her eyes tells him she's there to help if he'll only listen. Goren finally starts thinking instead of reacting.

At first he is almost incoherent, then slowly, sentence by sentence, we can see him engaging in what she is telling him.

As the last of the fury leaves him and he steps toward her, his shoulders relax and he sighs. He is ready to come back into her "circle". By stepping towards her, he acknowledges he is calm and ready to use his head - and accept that he isn't alone. The step towards her is also an apology.

Apologizing for what? His behaviour? Pushing her away? Probably both.

Suddenly he is her gentle giant again.

Beautifully acted with the subtlety that I love in this show.

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  1. Vincent's ability to communicate the character's feelings without even speaking, never ceases to amaze me! Sometimes he just says one word, but conveys a depth of feeling that astounds me. Example: Thumbsucker
    Audrey Cobb (Tilda Swinton): "How old do you feel?"
    Mike Cobb (Vincent D'Onofrio): "Oh."

    With that single word, Vincent imparted such pain it brought tears to my eyes.

    Being a fan of Vincent D'Onofrio is so rewarding! One must have an incredible amount of patience waiting to see his next project, but one is always consumed with gratification at the outcome!

  2. OMG!!! I never noticed that!!!:) That's pretty significant and I just finished watching the season premiere, I really loved it!!! Goren was all fun,lol!!! Maybe he is free!!!:)...

  3. Awesome description of that moment too, Suzanne!!!:D...

  4. Thanks so much for your dedication Suzanne!!! Your AWESOME!!!:)
    You always spot these GREAT things!!! Thank you!!!:D
    I'm really really happy you pointed this out to us!!!D
    Keep on searching,lols!!!:)...

  5. Gentle giant. I have often thought of him just that way. *SIGH* :)

  6. One of the most insightful interpretations I've read.


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