Monday, April 20, 2009


coucher avec moi ce soir???? as that old song goes.....

Mais oui! Certainment! *

Welcome back Robert Goren - you're like breath of fresh air!

And for those of you who can't get enough.....

*did I say that???

A HUGE thanks to Hannah who has come through for me as I deal with technical difficulties! (I know, you're going to ask me to share him..... :-) )

If you're receiving this entry as an email, click on the title where you may view the mini-vid on the blog online.


  1. I know!!! That's one of my favorite scene in that ep... "Humorous Bobby" was back (and of course Eames smiling in the background)
    I've heard this ep wasn't supposed to be aired first: "Faithfully" comes first where Goren is still down from what happened in "Frame"... Don't know why USAnetwork did that:D (or if those rumors are even true...)
    But I was really happy to see the "old Bobby" back,lol!!!:)
    Thanks for putting this up!!!

  2. Oh Suzanne, you just made me blush! My little contribution wasn't worth mentioning, I'll help any time I can!

    Oh, and I don't speak a lot of French, mainly the basics, but even I understood that! And yes, I think you have to share... please!!!

  3. J'adore cette scene! J'adore Robert! Merci beaucoup, Suzanne!

  4. OMG so sexy, thanks for sharing that little taster Q:)


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