Monday, April 25, 2011

Less Than a Week!

We have less than a week now till the premiere of Season 10 of Criminal Intent!  We are being treated to a lot of online attention for the return of Goren and Eames which is so nice after Season 8 and well, does Season 9 even count?
Here are a few places that are keeping us right up to date with references to articles and teaser video clips:
Lovely Kathryn
Vinnie Vidi Vici
Blue Velvet Vincent.

But I have to thank havers for creating this cool birthday greeting  to get me even more excited!  Thanks so much havers!

and then of course there is this amazing scene from Spoiler TV.
We really are getting Goren and Eames back - even if USA Network is not going to air the episodes in the correct order, this helps ease the pain....


  1. Aww, Happy Birthday Suzanne! Hope you had a good one :)

    Oh yeah, I caught that spoiler somewhere, and man, I LOVE that moment. It's amazing how VDO and KE are truly back... I mean, it's as if there was no break. They've smoothly switched back into their characters *happy sigh* It seems like we are back to the happier days of the earlier seasons... Also, I'm definitely looking forward to those shrink sessions! I've heard that VDO said they'll be revealing and entertaining. We'll see :P

    However, I do hope the disordered episodes do not affect the ratings *gulp*

    Happy Birthday Suzanne!

    BA Forever indeed! :D


  2. I LOVE this promo, it is my favourite. Goren is so funny, and of course he looks so good, as does Kate.

  3. OMG, that clip looks SO real it's almost spooky, LOL! Single digits...just days away! Thanks for the shoutout!


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