Friday, April 8, 2011

One Year Later

It was a year ago on April 9th that I posted my Criminal Intent - Loyalty video.  For all intents and purposes this was our final goodbye to Goren and Eames and Criminal Intent. Most of the people I hang out with were outraged and so disappointed in USA Network on so many levels. I haven't watched any new episodes which aired afterwards.

Several days after the episode aired I stayed up till 4 am and created Loyalty.  And in a few hours it will turn over 20,000 viewings.  Thanks to everyone who has loved and watched Loyalty.  

What an incredible difference a year makes. In a few weeks, Season 10 begins and we are back where we should be. We are being delighted with Goren and Eames promotional videos and photos - and thanks to everyone having a camera in their cell phone and ease of social networking we are getting more information than ever!  No more sad video creations will be made in the near future!  And suddenly, even watching Loyalty brings a small smile.

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  1. It's been a long, long road to get to this point. I can hardly believe the turn of events that have occurred. Never would I have believed that we would actually be anticipating watching new shows. And, if you listen closely to Vincent's "hinting", there will be even more to come. "Loyalty" is an amazing thing, isn't it? They named an episode with the word but never banked on the fans showing the true definition of it. I'm so proud of everyone that showed their got us back our show!

  2. It almost feels surreal. We were so distraught over the lost of our beloved Goren and Eames. It's been such a roller coaster of emotions. Now they return and we are elated and if that isn't enough we are being teased with the possibility of more episodes. BLISS!


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