Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ross and Goren - Never a dull moment

I was watching Masquerade this afternoon in search of a clip (Susan, I found it!) and, as often, became totally immersed in the episode. Then the friggin' power went off.... I digress.

Every time I watch an episode I see something new. Today I was watching Masquerade in hi def on a big flat screen. Let me tell you, there is *nothing* like watching this *big* and *clear*..... Ooops, sorry, there I go again....

As you know Ross and Goren have a pretty touchy relationship - not that kind of touchy! I go through phases of trying to like Ross, but it's epis like this that give Goren 2 points to Ross' single point.
There are three clips here.

The first clip shows Ross and Goren having a go at it outside the elevators (what is it with those elevators? - it's the hot spot for emotional events, usually Goren and Eames). The two men obviously have working styles that are at opposite ends of the pole. For a change Eames wasn't shaking her head at the end of their encounter.

The second clip is Ross buying them 24 hours from the ADA to get more information about Fife, the strange man-child they picked up in Vietnam. Goren is impressed and pleased by Ross' assertion. (Watch Goren's face, not the ADA - sorry, I should have edited her out)

The third clip is just rude. Goren is talking and Ross opens his pop can in the middle of a sentence. Goren stops talking. Ross couldn't be less interested in what he has to say.
Okay, Ross is back in my bad book.

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  1. Ross-bashing is one of my favorite pastimes! I cannot stand the way he treats Robert! I believe Robert was open-minded about Ross hoping they would find common ground. This is evidenced in the 2nd clip,and the "book club" scene in "Bedfellows". But Robert can give as good as he gets (sometimes better!), and when it became obvious that Ross has no respect for Robert, he began to look for opportunites to jab him, ie "Did anyone ever tell you you are reductive" remark, and the "So are you, so am I" retort. I find it no big deal that Ross stands behind Robert to outsiders - sometimes. I say sometimes because I am sure Deakins would have been sitting NEXT to Robert rather than across the table from him in the "Untethered" scene with the chief of d's (which I am not capitalizing out of disrespect). Ross is smarter than Deakins, but his self-serving manner commands no loyalty or respect from me. He is mean spirited in his challenges to Robert. His constant antagonizing is uncalled for. It doesn't help the case, and causes untolled stress on a man whose spirit has already been trampled on by his friends and family. Ross knows this and doesn't care. I'd like to put a rat in his desk drawer - a live one!

  2. Their somewhat shaky relationship has changed alot since Ross's first induction to the squad, I believe Eric said something about his character being stuck between a "rock and a hard place" with his detectives because he has the political side at the top and the bad stuff at the bottom, whilst he snipes at both Goren and Logan ( be intersting to see how he works with Nichols,although they know each other so it will be even more interesting)but at the end of the day, he is concerned for them -when they are in trouble.


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