Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Logan Crossed Off - Redux

One can't ignore new found evidence relating to an old blog entry!

What does it say beside Logan's name on the whiteboard behind Ross?
When you watch it on an embarrassingly large TV in HD, the second word is island. The first word begins with S.

I'm guessing it says Staten Island!

And thar ya go!
But he's still crossed off.....


  1. So he went back to Staten Island. Good for him, I guess. I'm glad he didn't quit altogether. Maybe if he has time in between cases, he can find his "one" and some happiness. He needs that. Any of you Logan lovers jumping on a ferry to Staten Island?lol I just hope Alex didn't meet up with him during her visit to her sister. He would've seen how beautiful she looked and set his sights on her. And that's ALL she needs is another screwed up cop in her life! NOT!!

  2. lol! I think Alex is too grounded for Logan! Didn't he make some comment about Nicole being just his kind of woman??!!! Thanks for the chuckle!

  3. Thanks for letting us know!!! And yeah, I don't think Logan is Eames' type,lol!!!:)
    She was around with family too. That's for sure:D

  4. Did you use the same clip, Suzanne?
    I've been looking at other eps, an there's another scene in which you can see his name is crossed off, but you can't tell whether there's writing next to his name...


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