Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Light Bulb Moment

Sometimes when I'm working on a vid, I will come across a clip that sets off a light bulb in me.

But really, this is about a Robert Goren light bulb moment. They are a joy to see and we don't observe them so much any more. In the early years he was the Predator's Predator and showed it. He still hunts them, it's just different now.

I give you this example (with no sound), from Jones. Watch his hairline, then the growing "gotcha" look. It makes you want to jump up and say "Go get him!!".
Yes, this man talks with his hairline....

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  1. Vincent uses every possible physical attribute available to him (that TV censors will allow!) - eyes, mouth, neck, hands, arms, shoulders, torso (as in "the lean") forehead, tiny facial muscles, and yes, even his hairline -
    to express the emotion he wants to portray. He is an amazing actor.

  2. I love when he does things like that. I have said this often before and it stands true to this day. Vincent D'onofrio can say more with one look than most actors can with six or seven lines of script. Bravo baby! :)

  3. Indeed he talks with his hairline,lol!


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