Sunday, May 17, 2009

Who's the Boss?

Well Eames, of course!!

Although it was never absolutely clear until Blind Spot, I knew I had heard reference to Eames being the senior partner very early on in the series. I finally found the episode today! It's in The Third Horseman.

Of course it's always hard to know if Goren is yanking someone's chain or if it's a truth..... so it really wasn't clear she was the senior partner. They were definitely playing Mr. Cutler, although Eames was not hiding her true feelings.

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  1. Actually, the first time I watched that ep I thought he was speaking the truth about the seniority thing:) But come to think of it, it could've been part of the play really:D

    (oh!and Goren has a niece,hmmm...)

  2. He could've been playing the suspect, but to my knowledge, Stephanie Sengupta later (like in 2005 oder 2006) confirmed that Eames has seniority.

  3. I always thought Goren was "playing" that guy in that scene. And in "Blind Spot" I thought Ross said "YOUR senior partner, keep him in check." not "YOU'RE" senior partner...". But I was proven wrong by the writer herself, Stephanie Sungupta. I was shocked!


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