Monday, May 18, 2009

Musings on Faithfully

There are three mini-vids here showing scenes which attracted my attention on first viewing of Faithfully (Season 8 Episode 5). If you are receiving this as an email update, please click on the title to view the mini-vids on the blog.

1. The Handcuffs.
They had their plan of attack and were confidant that Alison was going to confess. Notice the handcuffs swinging from Eames hip!

2. The Handshake
Oh, this drove me crazy Yes, they shook hands, but it was more obligatory than heartfelt.

It's here twice, once with sound and once in slow motion, zoomed with no sound. Ross can't be bothered to look directly at Goren and you can see Goren's eyebrow raise in interest.

3. The Reunion

When Goren picks up Eames at the Staten Island Ferry terminal, why is he so awkward?! 'Cause she looks so cute in her short skirt? That he will have to explain why he is back so soon? That he wonders why she is on Staten Island looking so cute?

He really can't look her in the eye and she is so happy to see him looking well that she actually tells him that. He doesn't get back on keel until they start analysing the crime scene.

Was she was with family? a date? visiting Logan? lol! That didn't look like an overnight bag over her shoulder.**

And why did he come back so early? I think it was that he was completely out of his comfort zone in a normal family situation. He wasn't "needed" (although he desparately needed to see that side of life and family and know it was there for him). He wanted to be back in his comfort zone - back at work solving crimes with Eames.

**thanks to tjara for pointing out this information on the USA site which explains "Eames....returns from Staten Island and a complicated family dynamic". So we really don't have to torture ourselves over why she was on Staten Island!


  1. Oh heavens, Suzanne, all those mentions on your blog. I don't deserve the credit, I just stumbled across it!

    And in slo-mo, the handshake is really odd...

    I liked the Eames-Logan idea (in a non-romantic way), LOL!!!

    I so have to rewatch this ep - somehow it didn't stick with me the first time round, but I'm not on top of my game right now.

  2. The Handcuffs - apparently they had it all together - those two rascals!

    The Handshake - you know how I feel about Ross. I wouldn't expect anything more than an obligatory handshake from him. Me? I would have thrown my arms around his neck and kissed him all over! Not that I want to see Ross do that, I'm just saying that's what I would do. lol

    The Reunion - I've got to hand it to you shippers! You see things that never even occur to me! I think he was awkward because he wasn't sure what kind of reception he would get from her and he was just plain feeling awkward because of his family visit. All that unconditional love must have rocked his core and scared him. We do now know Eames was visiting family. Originally I recall she was supposed to have a heart to heart with her sister. I guess that part was cut. Too bad. I would've loved to know what they said to each other!

  3. Actually Susan1212, the heart to heart thing is in the next G/E ep "Folie à Deux":D

    And Suzanne all your blogging about this ep just makes me happy. Totally get that handshake moment your trying to point out... And Eames' handcuffs,lol!!

    But my favorite thing is your questions on why Goren seemed uncomfortable,lol!!!....

    Thanks Suzanne!!!:)

  4. Outerbankschick2May 20, 2009 at 8:04 PM

    When I watched this ep for the second time, I noticed how Ross didn't look Bobby in the eye when he shook his hand. Sometimes I think Ross just doesn't know how to act with Bobby just then. I mean, he did practically accuse his best detective of being a killer.

    And I'm with you, Susan. I sure nuff would've given Bobby a big hug and a lip-smacking kiss! ;)

    Eames looks so totally happy to see him. I'm not even a shipper (not anti-shipper either), and I could see it. And then the grin, after he makes the "Batman" comment to she's so glad to have her "I-know-something-you-don't-know" partner back! :-D

  5. Oh how cool, Anonymous! Thanks for letting me know about the sister chat. "Folie A Deux" is one episode I am really excited about anyway, (well, let's face it - I'm excited about ALL G & E episodes!)but now even more so!

    And OBC, what a clever way to describe her partner! And right on target!

  6. Same here S1212 about ALL G&E episodes,lol!!!:)

    "Folie à Deux" can't come soon enough... *sigh*

  7. I've been thinking about that 'handshake moment'... Maybe the reason why Ross acted like that is because of the rough/edgy interaction he and Bobby had lately, you know?
    I mean after what happened it's normal for things to be awkward... Or maybe he dreads Goren's reaction,lol!
    Anyways, Ross is better than what a lot of fans think:) He's actually really starting to grow on me:D

  8. Thanks for pointing me on these again.

    Oh yes...


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