Monday, July 13, 2009

Declan's Touch

In spite of what has happened with Declan Gage, I like him.

I asked my friends if they thought Bobby ever went to see Declan in prison. I think we're all unsure! Has he been able to forgive Declan in light of his "blown frontal lobe"? or is it just too darn painful for him to visit?

And that makes me wonder how Declan's medical condition is. Has he declined to the point where he doesn't even recognize Bobby? Since Declan is a father figure to Bobby, is Bobby inclined to be Declan's caretaker as he was to Frances?

So many unanswered questions!

And why do I like Declan when he turned into such a monster?

Bobby was the son Declan never had and his star pupil and Declan was a father figure and mentor to Bobby. Both got something very important out of the relationship. I'm positive Declan shared more with Bobby than anyone else - as much as he was capable of sharing. The two men were on the same wavelength, way ahead of everyone else in the room, making giant mental leaps in multiple directions. And Declan was FUNNY. If Frame wasn't so tragic, you could see that. But no one was laughing during Frame.

I always stand up for Declan because I can never forget their embrace in Blind Spot and the lovely relaxed happiness on their faces. Bobby fleetingly closes his eyes as they hug. There are two men who really cared about each other, although Bobby wasn't too keen on the pat on the face in front of everyone!!! lol! too cute.
The touch on the face happens again in the last few seconds of the last scene with Declan in Frame - and that touch just stirs me - Bobby sees the touch coming and does nothing to avoid it. His initial instinct is still to trust Declan and accept the caring touch. But as soon as Declan's fingers touch Bobby's face, his poor numb brain registers the horror and betrayal and he pulls away. It wrings my heart. It wrings all our hearts.

Here is our first meeting with Declan. And our last. World's apart. No sound.

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  1. Both of those touching scenes always bring me to tears:( They were really close...
    I guess you aren't the only one who likes Declan.
    What he did in 'Frame' was just to try to help his son. Despite how horrible it was, I think he did 'free' Bobby...
    And I find him humorous too:D


  2. That is a very deep explanation. I like it and I never notice that Bobby closed his eyes. But is that not a reflex, when you hug someone? I always do it.

  3. Suzanne, you just shredded my heart to pieces. I haven't seen Blind Spot, but those two scenes together *ouch*

    However, I volunteer to test havers theory about hugging and closing eyes - anybody get me near VDO, and I'll gladly try!! Oh, and I won't let go again *hehehe*

  4. Okay TJara, when I hug Vincent, I wouldn't also let him go and I think to close my eyes wouldn't be the only reflex I'd do.

  5. You two!! lol!
    I'm not sure when two guys hug they would normally close their eyes....
    Just my 2 cents!

  6. Actually, it looks to me like Bobby's blinking a few times as he hugs Dec. Surprise maybe? :)

  7. I think Dec kind of caught Bobby by surprise with the hug.......especially in front of his daughter.

  8. Bobby may have always been like a son, but he had a daughter he ignored--Bobby definitely could relate to being the child pushed into the background by parents. Declan murdered his brother--by proxy...then killed his nemesis that he wanted to capture & put away as was his nature. No, I think Bobby turned his back on Declan and who could blame him, blown frontal lobe or not. Bobby recognized Declan used him & was trying to live through him, making him into his own image, even in the Army--why do you think he'd lost touch for ten years. You like Declan---I think Bobby would let you have him.

  9. Once again John Glover has played the role of a destructive father figure...Declan has always stricken me as a non-affective kind of person, a kind of person Bobby loathes with all himself -see Magnificat for instance.
    If he's a father to Bobby he's the basest type -and the most common one-, the one who sees his kids like appendixes of themselves and a chance to fix their personal fiascos.
    On the other hand Bobby needed so desperately a father when he was young that he muast have been grateful for any attention from Gage, oblivious to the pain this inflicted to Jo. People are egotistical when they're in desperate need, even the best of them.
    Moreover, Declan is an awkward guy himself so Bobby must have felt "safe" around him, free from the harsh and dumb judgment that average people usually spit against him.

  10. Fun blog. I quite like the show, too!


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