Sunday, July 12, 2009


She's such a beauty! I have 2 favourite clips of Alex Eames which I like to use in my vids and now, thanks to Lady's Man, I can add a new one to my collection. In each one of these clips, her head is tilted to the left, so her hair swings out of the way and the lighting shows her eyes and face shape perfectly.

Do you know which episodes these are from? Who is she talking to in each clip? Hard to believe who the first one is....

(if you're receiving these as an email update, please click on the title where you can view the mini-vid on this blog)

Here are the 3 clips without sound so you can enjoy her without distraction!


  1. I think the first one is Brady.
    I know that I have pics of the second clip but can't name it.
    And the third must be Lady's man and I didn't see that ep 'till now.

  2. Yeah, the first is brady.
    Second I wouldn't know or remember.
    Third is Lady's Man, and I love that scene, too. "I'm concerned". Too cute.

  3. I agree the 1st one is from "Endgame", the 3rd from "Lady's Man", but you've got me on the 2nd one! Spill it, Suzanne!

  4. Well, the first one is indeed 'Endgame'
    The second one, I think is sometime in 'Rocket Man'?
    And the last one of course is "Lady's Man"...*sigh*


  5. Yay, Marie! You got it! The second one is when they are interviewing Sandy, the astronaut, in Rocket Man. The first is from Endgame while they are interviewing Mark Ford Brady - maybe that's why he comments - beautiful women like to be photographed.... Ewwwwww!!!! A compliment from a serial killer - not to mention Goren's real Daddy. Ewwww!!! That's just *wrong*.

  6. LOL
    That's gross really!...



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