Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Criminal Intent 2009 Music Video Awards Voting

Some very sweet viewers have nominated my vids for the Law & Order Criminal Intent Music Video Awards in the following categories with the following vids.

  • Best Goren video – Hallelujah
  • Best Eames video – Too Pretty
  • Best Goren and Eames video – Hot N Cold, My Life
  • Best Criminal Intent video – My Life
  • Best Editing – Hot N Cold, Perfect, Somewhere, Speeding Cars
  • Best Song – After All, Hot N Cold, Save You
  • Best Episode centered – Somewhere
  • Video Maker of the Year

And now it's time to vote. But more importantly, the fine vid-makers who have created the awards have assembled the wonderful nominated vids (including mine) so you can see them all from one place.

See them here. If you wish to vote, instructions are at the bottom of that page.

Happy viewing!

P.S. If the prize is Robert Goren, then it's every vid-maker for themself!!!! My elbows are sharp, so stay outta my way!!

P.S.S. They are in the process of changing their links for those Imeem vids that were deleted (Save You and Perfect). You can see those with the links in the right-hand column.


  1. Dang, and I thought you agreed to share Bobby as an incentive to vote for you... ;-)


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