Tuesday, January 27, 2009

500 Miles and After All

My first two Criminal Intent vids, 500 Miles and After All, were recently muted by YouTube . I just loved making these vids!!! They are my babies and took incredible numbers of hours to create.

This week YouTube blocked After All entirely - I can still see it on my account, but it's not viewable to the public. I wish I could print out the wonderful, wonderful comments from other awesome Criminal Intent fans, but.....

I know that sometimes YouTube will "give back" videos that have been blocked, so I have left it there, hoping it will come back to life....

Althought the quality is not as good as YouTube, for the meantime 500 Miles and After All can be seen on Vimeo - and in the 2 subsequent posts. Don't try to watch them full screen - there is no high quality as on YouTube. Sigh.


  1. I have moved some of the comments from YouTube to here:
    Criminal Intent - Walk 500 Miles [Audio Muted]
    Added: 6 months ago
    From: quietfireca
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    magra9 (6 months ago)You make my day and thanks for the vid!. This was great. Five ***** and a favourite.
    quietfireca (6 months ago)Reply Thank *you*!! I can't believe it's finally finished! What an epic! lol!

    susan121206 (6 months ago)Great job, quietfireca! Your subject is EXTREMELY interesting to me! Love the song too! What fun!
    quietfireca (6 months ago)Reply Thanks so much! And you would have loved making it, too! What's not to like about the subject?

    annableigh (6 months ago)Beautifully done! Are you sure this is your first effort?!! Let's have more.

    ffrmusicwench (6 months ago)Wonderful first attempt! Please do make more. :)
    quietfireca (6 months ago)Reply Thanks for your kind comments!

    yulivee94 (6 months ago)great!!
    quietfireca (5 months ago)Reply Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    SnarkAngel (5 months ago)Nice first effort ... keep 'em coming!
    quietfireca (5 months ago)Reply Thanks SnarkAngel! Gotta love the subject!

    shraxxx (5 months ago)love it !!!!
    quietfireca (5 months ago)Reply I'm so glad you loved it! Thanks very much!

    Flamegal12 (5 months ago)YAYS!!! I luffles this vid!!!
    quietfireca (5 months ago)Reply Thanks! I luffle that you luffle it!

    LadyJ12247 (5 months ago) OK...I love this...I have got to find something else to say....But I do love it
    quietfireca (5 months ago)Reply Thanks for saying what you did! Much appreciated!

    piper1940 (5 months ago)This is fantastic for your first vid!!! ?Good grief i never noticed how much he walked. You think he would have ALOT less BADONKADONK!!
    quietfireca (5 months ago)Reply Thanks so much piper! Badonkadonk,eh? lol! I'm sure most of us are guilty of some of that. I'd go for a walk with him, wouldn't you?

    piper1940 (5 months ago)haha yes I would walk more than 500 miles with him if he would let me :-)

    kaydee6221 (5 months ago)Don't say BADONKADONK! It's rude. Say "havering" like all the other cool kids do.

    jujumagumbo21 (5 months ago)ur a natural. i've been looking for the clip where bobby wakes alex up w/the coffee. i cant remeber which episode that's from.... any help on that wud b appreciated.
    quietfireca (5 months ago)Reply Thanks! The coffee wake up is from Season 4, Silver Lining. Wonderful epi!

    SpaceLady79 (5 months ago)Cool... I was curious as well.

    xSVUGURLx (5 months ago)I love this song and the video is really cute! =]
    quietfireca (5 months ago)Reply Thanks very much!

    tooraf (5 months ago)wow, very beautiful, and awesome song choice.
    quietfireca (5 months ago)Reply Thanks so much! I appreciate your kind comment! It was a really fun song to work with - good thing I love it - I've heard it a million times.... vbg!

    kaydee6221 (5 months ago) "If I haver, yeah I know I'm going to be, I'm going to be the man who's havering to you...." what does that mean? Haha, this song is the haver! Rock on! I think it has something to do with a missing chicken. Great job!
    quietfireca (5 months ago)Reply Lol! I had to look it up (and got it wrong!). When I made the video I thought it meant strange behaviour, but I've been told since that it means hem and haw/stutter/blather/talk nonsense. Now about that missing chicken.... Thanks for your comment!

    LadyJ12247 (5 months ago)OK..What is havering???? Love the song and vid...So good
    quietfireca (5 months ago)Reply When I made the video I thought it meant strange behaviour, but I've been told since that it means hem and haw/stutter/blather/talk nonsense. Thanks for the comment!

    RedTigr303 (3 months ago)Love it!! I never expected to see a Criminal Intent video with this song. Excellent song choice! Who sings it? I've only ever heard the version by Blackthorn. Great job on the video! ^^
    quietfireca (3 months ago)Reply Thanks! This very cool song is by the Proclaimers! Glad you enjoyed the video!!!

    RedTigr303 (3 months ago) Oh, awesome! I recognized the voice, but I couldn't remember who it belonged to. xD Thanks!

    BrooklynDreams14 (3 months ago)Great video.
    What episode is the clip at :11?
    quietfireca (3 months ago)Reply Thanks! The coffee wake up? It's from Season 4: Silver Lining.

    jenz1011 (3 months ago)Enjoyed it thoroughly! Made me smile, very clever!
    quietfireca (1 month ago)Reply Thanks! (Sorry it took me so long to say that!!)

    saramikeboothbren (2 months ago)I think this is my favorite video by you. Love the song and its just a very fun vid with them. We need more fun vids with them like this.
    quietfireca (1 month ago)Reply Thanks! This one will always have a special place in *my* heart! (Sorry it took me so long to say thanks!)

    haversbarbara (2 months ago) I love the song so much...and Bobby should walk for his Alex 500 miles...wonderful collection of walking scenes...perfect.
    quietfireca (1 month ago)Reply Thanks! It looks like you know something about havering from your name! Is that why you like this vid?? lol! Thanks for taking the time to watch and comment!

    haversbarbara (1 month ago) Who or what is havering...the singer?

    Barbara Havers is one of the main characters of Elizabeth Georges books.
    jane1975 (1 month ago)I love this song its so cute, great video_ I love it when she says that and I think if that is Goren looking like hell pass it over.
    quietfireca (1 month ago)Reply Thanks! If the guy had just walked 500 miles for her he probably would look like hell!!! lol! It's one of those "oops, I shouldn't have said that" moments....
    He looks great even when he looks like hell!!
    bogoalexea (2 weeks ago) Now this is sweet and cute,lol! Beautiful!!! Thank you!!!
    quietfireca (2 weeks ago) Reply Thank *you* for watching, enjoying and commenting!

  2. Oh, Susan! Thanks so much for doing that! At least if YouTube blocks 500 Miles, I won't lose all these wonderful comments! That's so thoughtful of you!


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