Saturday, January 17, 2009

Enigmas…. Keep ‘em Guessing Girl Power

My friend Magra now has me reading Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series. I’m hooked!

Between reading binges, I was musing….. And so was Magra.

It occurred to both of us that Edward, Twilight’s anti-hero, cannot “hear” Bella, the heroine. Well now, doesn’t that sound like someone we know?

Robert Goren is clueless about reading Eames.

But then maybe she likes it that way….

In the Wee Small Hours (after dropping the change-partner-letter bombshell) and in Betrayed (after he tells her she is absolutely right), Eames has this wonderful enigmatic expression on her face. I have a hard time reading her…

For being such an amazing profiler, Goren is hopeless when it comes to knowing what is right under his nose. He was positively shocked that she reacted so, um, strongly, in Purgatory.

Well, hello, Robert….. much as I love you, you deserved almost everything she laid on you! She was not an enigma on this occasion.

  • She *has* covered your ass many times with no thanks from you.
  • She lost a husband (a cop) to a gun – and here she is pointing a gun at you (keep in mind she’s been with you longer than she was married….) and it’s pretty obvious she’s not happy about the gun thing…
  • You kept her out of the loop, not telling her you were undercover, giving her the impression that you’d gone to the dark side (the old boys’ club – and you know the distain she has for that!).
  • You *do* sometimes treat her as a water girl.
  • You didn't answer her phone calls and gave her the brush off when she physically went looking for you......
No, Alex Eames was not enigmatic on this occasion....

Want to know more about the enigmatic Bella from Twilight? Do you like forbidden love stories?

Do as Susan12121 and her Robert are doing: use your “most important investigative tool”, and check out Twilight.


  1. Eames can be a puzzle. What was she really thinking when told Robert "It's too late." in "Smile"? Or when she said "I've met your mentor." in "Siren Call". Why does she sometimes not want to "get in the middle" of things as in "Silencer" and "Frame", but constantly steps up to intervene for Robert with Ross? And the big question, why doesn't she wear her hair up more often? lol

    Oh, the things we may never know about Eames could fill a book. The things we may never know about Robert could fill a library! But that's what make them so interesting - never really knowing what they are thinking.

  2. I've got to put in my two cents here. I don't think Goren has *ever* treated her as a water girl. I think he likes and respects Eames very much, and consideres her a partner and an equal. We wouldn't like Bobby a quarter as much if he ever demeaned her that way.


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