Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Anti-Nicole Tactical Plan

A musing that overtook me the other day stemmed from a discussion of Nicole Wallace (yes, I am going to write her name, even though I resist putting her in any vid). Nicole appeared in Law and Order Criminal Intent on 5 occasions – please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong….

Person of Interest
Great Barrier
Grow – and briefly, thank goodness, in

It was in Person of Interest that Goren took an emotional beating. All that intellect and she still got to him. Bad Nicole. Bad Robert! for letting her get to you!

Really, what does Nicole know about him? She can dig up public records and come to some conclusions. But Nicole has a gift. She takes cheap, cruel stabs in the wind and hopes they hit home. And they do. She must be in psycho heaven when she gets the hooded eye look from our Bobby.

So back she comes in Great Barrier. But our detectives were ready with the Anti-Nicole plan. They had obviously discussed how they would approach Nicole should they see her again.
Eames is the first to engage her, standing in front of Goren. Goren is well under control as the two detectives follow her around the interview room. Nicole was really annoyed and seemed unprepared to engage them. Perhaps she sensed their unity was a wall she wasn’t going to penetrate.

But the interesting part of the encounter was a subtle gesture by Goren, meant only for Eames. Behind Nicole’s back, Goren was basically telling her - it's okay, just give me some space to needle her.... Eames must have noticed him winding into predator mode and given him a warning look!
Oh, go team! Get her! (but don’t get “got” in the getting!)

This is for Donna, who loves this fleeting clip!

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  1. Robert is at his best and his worst when interrogating her. It tears me apart to watch him be hurt by her. I am glad she is dead.


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