Thursday, January 29, 2009

A new home.....?

Well, after losing Somewhere this afternoon..... YouTube put it Somewhere...... I explored another video sharing site......

Imeem is a really cool place!

Imeem allowed me to create a playlist of all the songs I've made vids with - you'll have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find it. It was too wide to put in the right hand column of the blog. Sometimes you hear all the song and sometimes you don't.... But if you click on
Vid Music
at the top of the player, you can go to their site and hear the whole playlist. I think you can even download it if you're so inclined. Hey, I love these songs, and I thought they were perfect for the vids, but you can't force someone to like your music. It just doesn't work that way! (darn)

I'm so pleased that there are links to iTunes and Amazon on the Vid Music player. I always buy my music if I can. We've got to keep those musicians making money. Besides, I've never had so much fun for 99 cents!!!

I have uploaded Somewhere and think the quality is excellent! So stay tuned for the next blog entry which will have the vid details.

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