Thursday, January 15, 2009

I had no intent....

criminal or otherwise, of making a blog about Law and Order Criminal Intent. But I'm here in self defense!

I get such a kick out of making music videos for this show. YouTube has been hosting them, but now they are picking on us vidders because of copyright infringement on the music we use. They're deleting and muting videos.

I don't quite get it as you can go to tons of YouTube channels and listen to music and the video part is the lyrics flashing across the screen. Why don't they pick on those guys instead of us creative souls who lovingly scratch and scrape through over a hundred episodes to find just the right clips to go with the music?

I wish there was some sort of agreement we could come to with the music industry! Most of us feel we're making trailers for the shows and advertising for them!

So, this is where I will add Criminal Intent tidbits as it moves me and direct anyone who might be interested to where my vids are located.

Today, they're all still on YouTube on my channel, but two of them have been muted......

Here's one of my favourite split second moments:


  1. This is so cool! Now everyone who follows your superb vids will be able to find you!

  2. What a lovely blog, Suzanne! This will be added to my favorites list for sure. You always capture the best of Robert Goren - making me remember why I still love the guy!

    And what an awesome catch, that sign above Eames in the SUV. It has to be deliberate, don't you think?

  3. Hi Donna! Thanks for your comment - I don't know how much control they have over the streets of New York when they're filming so I don't know if this would have been deliberate! But you never know what *might* have been on that sign if it hadn't been "your heart".....!


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